Does Green Tea have Caffeine?

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Does Green Tea have Caffeine?

We are all somewhat addicted to our daily dose of caffeine and can’t think of starting the day without a large cup of tea or coffee. Though of late a lot of people have switched to a healthier option which is green tea.

Now since green tea is the preferential drink consumed by a major number of people, many wonder whether green tea has caffeine. It is because it makes one feel instantly refreshed and rejuvenated.

Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?

What we hear is that green tea is completely devoid of all caffeine, but the truth is that green tea does contain caffeine. Though the presence might not be less, just 25 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce serving, however, it does contain caffeine. This is a significantly low amount of caffeine and just one-fourth the amount that is consumed by having a cup of coffee and just half the amount of caffeine found in your regular black tea.

Also if you are looking for an answer to 'does green tea have caffeine content,' then the answer can be complex and depend upon your choice of green tea. The caffeine content in green tea differs in different types of labels available in the market. Some may have caffeine as low as 12 mg, and some might even contain 75 mg of caffeine.

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Green Tea And Caffeine Content Facts

Green tea contains two additional substances that are also there in chocolate and produce somewhat the same effect as caffeine. These substances are theobromine and theophylline.

#2. Be careful about your selection of green tea as many prepared teas in cans or bottles are pre-sweetened. Japanese green tea leaves are furthermore treated with fluoride.

#3. In case you wish to completely cut out caffeine intake then you have another option which is naturally decaffeinated green tea. This choice is the healthiest of all as caffeine has been completely eliminated through a process called ‘effervescence’, which is done using carbon di oxide.

#4. Green tea is a natural antioxidant that kills bacteria in your mouth.

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Does Green Tea Have Caffeine Compared To Coffee

Let’s just say that if you replace your morning cup of coffee with green tea, then you would reduce about 70 percent intake of caffeine. Just one cup of coffee contains 100-150mg of caffeine whereas a cup of green tea has a drastically low 25mg. Another factor that determines the amount of caffeine in tea is how strongly it has been brewed.

If you are seriously considering giving up on caffeine then there are certain things that one has to be careful about. A little dosage of caffeine is not really harmful to the body but can rather give it a good boost of energy nor does it create dietary problems. Also, caffeine can be good for people who have Parkinson's disease and colorectal cancers.

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Are you looking to make green tea your daily beverage? Then here are some things that you need to know. Leave us your feedback in the comment box below.

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I believe green tea does not contain caffeine though it definately depends on what kind of brand you are relying on. I've been a green tea drinker since a long time and have witnessed the wonders of it. I don't know how effective is coffee in rejuvenating us as i'm not a coffee drinker but green tea surely is! It has oxidants which help in flushing out toxins of our body thus preventing us from diseases and varied ailments. Green tea is indeed the best of all the drinks and especially when you are losing weight! I remember using 20 kgs with the intake of green tea on regular basis and reduction in diet ofcourse! If you are dedicated enough o lose weight! I have a personal friendly advice for everyone to take it for a definite period of time and see the changes occurring in your body. It helps like crazy!!!!!! Black tea is good before starting with your workout as it helps in boosting your metabolism and coffee is good when you feel drained out! Green tea achieves the aim of both the drinks without much effort! Don’t wait much and start having green tea and leave others!

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