How to take care of your lips in winter?

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How to take care of your lips in winter?

Chapped lips make your appearance look dull. With the winter season around many of you would be suffering from dry lips which often get chapped. Below we list some tips which will help you take care of your lips and look your elegant best this winter.

1. Coconut oil as a cure

Dry lips get cured if coconut oil is used on a regular a basis. Every morning when you take shower don’t forget to apply some coconut oil on your dry lips. Use it regularly and chapped lips will be a talk of the past.

2. Limit the caffeine intake

Do not take regular tea during winters, develop the habit of taking green tea as it has a hydrating property and will keep your lips moist.

3. SPF Lip Balm

It is common for all of us not to care for our lips during the winter season. Give over this instinct and start using SPF Lip Balm during extreme winters. Your skin will become soft and lips will heal.

4. Have a proper diet

Proper diet not only keeps you healthy but has a detrimental effect on the health of your lips. Take green leafy vegetables and drink a lot of water during winter months too.

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Yes, we can use lip balm

There are several ways of pampering our lips.

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