Why the Growing Demand for the Virgin Coconut Oil?

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Coconut oil is the most commonly used oil that is considered the healthiest too. It can be used for culinary as well as application purposes. Virgin coconut oil is the unrefined form that is produced by the use of physical methods, which involve the elimination of any kind of chemical treatment. It has a unique sweet aroma and a delicate taste. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid. It consists of the minimal amount of vitamins, irons, and minerals. Choline is present in abundance in this oil.  

Manufacturing process: Manufacturing of virgin coconut oil involves the use of the flesh of fresh mature coconuts, which is used to derive the oil without the use of extreme heat or harsh chemical solvents. There are three basic methods applied to produce virgin coconut oil, which is as follows:

Fermentation process: In this process, the extracted coconut milk is fermented for two-three days that form three layers, i.e. coconut oil, water, and coconut curd.

Cold press method: This method involves freshly grated coconut flesh that is dried and then cold pressed to extract the oil. The drying process abetted by slight heating. Then the oil is extracted by pressing dried coconut.

Centrifuge process:  In this process, the coconut milk is finely spun, separating the oil in the similar manner as the cream separates from dairy milk.


There are many health benefits of this oil, which includes:

  1. Elimination of gastrointestinal diseases
  2. Helps with weight loss
  3. Applicable in many cosmetics and shampoos.
  4. Strengthens the immune system
  5. Good for skin and hair
  6. Nourishment of the brain
  7. Good for cardiovascular health
  8. Medicinal properties

Bestowed with so many benefits, the consumption of virgin coconut oil is increasing rapidly. Sri Lanka is a hub of coconuts and its products. The finest grade virgin coconut oil is suppliers from Sri Lanka making it the leading country. By abiding by the below-mentioned attributes, the suppliers can gain better business prospects, making them stand unique in the export world:

  1. Trading with the reputed vendors to attain the best quality product is always beneficial.
  2. Spill-proof packaging and with suitable storage techniques under the supervision of deft professionals to sustain the nutritional value of the oil.
  3. The suppliers should capture regional as well as international market for a better business approach.
  4. They should be able to endow huge quantities of oil in best price to beat the competition.
  5. They should attest the signature clarity, color, and delicacy of the oil, to justify the word virgin added to the brand.

Thus, we can claim that virgin coconut oil suppliers in Sri Lanka are well-known as the trademark exporters for delivering the purest grade of virgin coconut oil all over the world.

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