Does Coconut Oil go bad?

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Does Coconut Oil go bad?

Most people use coconut oil on a daily basis for cooking and skin care purposes. Keeping in mind how widely it is used it is very important to know when it turns bad, how long it can be stored.

For a product which is a regular necessity for many, it is good to know various storage related detail of the product. Here are a few detailed information for the better storage of the product.


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Why You Need To Keep A Check On The Condition Of The Oil You Are Using?

Irrespective of what purpose you wish to use coconut oil, it is very crucial to make sure the stored oil is in good condition. If you wish to use it for cooking purposes, it will determine the well-being of your health. If you wish to apply it to your skin, using stale oil might cause skin problems. Thus, it becomes essential to keep track of the condition of the coconut oil you are using on a regular basis.  

How To Determine That Coconut Oil Is Not Usable Anymore?

There are two ways of detecting whether the stored coconut oil is stale or fresh enough to be used. The first indication of the fact that the coconut oil is non-usable anymore is the smell of it. On opening the bottle of oil, you will get a rancid smell, which clearly indicates the oil is no good for use anymore. The other aspect is the color of the oil. Generally, coconut oil is white in color. When it is not usable anymore it turns yellow. This is also a very easily visible way to detect the condition of the oil. 

Approximately How Long Can You Use Coconut Oil, Once The Bottle Is Opened?

If you chose to use raw coconut oil then it lasts for around 2 years. Due to its inherent antimicrobial properties, it will not oxidize easily and thus remains in good condition. Some packaged bottle also mentions the date of expiry, which you can follow, in case you choose to use packaged coconut oil. 

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What Are The Things To Keep In Mind, To Avoid Contamination Of The Oil?

#1. Make sure you store it in a clean storage space free of bugs and other contaminating factors. 

#2. Make sure you seal the bottle back after every use. Leaving the bottle open can lead to contamination.

#3. In case you choose to use coconut oil for cooking purposes, make sure you use a clean spoon to scoop it out of the jar. Any kind of food remnants transferred from the surface of the spoon into the oil will lead to contamination of the oil.

#4. Make sure while the bottle is kept in the kitchen or in any storage space, no food crumbs or other bits and pieces of dust fall into the bottle.

#5. It is not very convenient to store it in the refrigerator because it turns solid and becomes difficult to use.

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The coconut oil consists of Vitamin E, which helps to prevent dryness. This oil helps to get rid of acnes and removes scars from the face as well. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties. It fights various bacteria, and prevents the skin from viral, fungal or parasitic infection. It also helps in reducing scars. You can mix coconut oil with other oils and make it more efficient. While using the coconut oil to remove acne, try the following steps:-

-Steam your face to open the pores

-Apply coconut oil to the face

-After 10 mins dab warm soaked towel on the face to remove the oil.

Do this THRICE a week, and you will be able to see visible changes.

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