Do you know the amazing benefits and uses of coconut oil?

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Do you know the amazing benefits and uses of coconut oil?

Coconut is said to be a very pious fruit which is offered to the Hindu deities in Indian tradition. Often, it is termed as a miracle fruit. The fruit is rich in manganese, phosphorous and zinc. If consumed in proper quantities it can provide you with a healthier growth of hair and an inner glowing skin.

Coconut oil is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and other vital nutrients. It has been used as a cooking oil for ages by the people living in the coastal areas, as it is available in abundance there however its benefits do not limit to the cooking itself but it also works great for your hair, skin and many other uses. So read on some of the brilliant uses of the coconut oil and get benefitted by this miraculous oil. 

There are a number of health benefits of coconut oil. We have mentioned some of them over here:

Hair care for healthy and bouncing hair

Coconut oil is very useful for the hair growth. Applying a mixture of coconut oil along with the lime water helps prevent hair loss. The coconut oil binds the protein of the hair strands, whether damaged or undamaged. It helps them to grow in a healthy way.

We recommend adding fenugreek seeds to the oil and just warm it under the flame for a few minutes. Then let it cool so as to be a little warm. You can add hibiscus flowers to the oil. Applying this oil helps even better to bind the damaged hair. And adding fenugreek seeds will enhance the colour of your hair.

Amazing skin care

The coconut oil is a great moisturiser. The most important thing is that it is natural and when applied to the skin, it gets soaked up by the skin nicely and helps the skin to get healed and rejuvenate itself.

Applying coconut oil gives your skin a natural glow. The body lotions available in the market, contains chemicals which might prove harmful to the skin. Doctors recommend applying coconut oil as a body lotion and if you have a dry skin, it will help your skin in getting healed.

 Lip balm and lip care

Coconut oil protects your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Also if you have dry lips applying a little bit of the coconut oil to your lips before going out in the sun will help your lips to get moisturised even more. It makes your lips soft, heals them from any sort of damage from the UV rays of the sun or any other pollutants.

An awesome hair conditioner

No artificial conditioner can prove to give better results for conditioning your hair as does the coconut oil. Mix some amount of Henna along with the coconut oil and make a paste. Apply this paste to your hair and rinse it after 20 minutes. Your hair will have great smoothness and shine.

 Weight Loss

The researchers have found, that women who consume coconut oil, have reduced abdominal obesity. Coconut oil is easy to digest and protects from insulin. But you must not consume a large amount of coconut oil in your diet, as it has a lot of unsaturated fats which might lead to cardio risks, but you can start with a single spoon daily in your diet.

Helps develop immunity

The coconut oil contains lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid these provide antifungal, antibacterial, as well as antiviral properties and thus boost the immune system to fight the diseases.

Aids digestion

The fatty acids present in coconut oil contain antimicrobial properties. Adding a small amount of coconut oil to your diet improves the bowel movement and fights from any bacteria which might hinder the process of digestion. Coconut oil is beneficial in eliminating the irritable bowel syndrome as well as other microbial germs related infections.

It can make you more slender

Coconut oil when consumed tends to make you feel less hungry. This is because the coconut oil is very rich in the saturated fat content. Almost 86 % of the coconut contains saturated fat. And this is a healthy fat and not harmful when consumed since it is easily digested by the body.

Helps to increase good cholesterol in your body

The coconut oil contains a good amount of saturated fats which is helpful in improving the good cholesterol in your body and also helpful for the bad cholesterol removal. There have been thorough researches that show that coconut oil helps in reducing triglyceride content, reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in our body. It also helps to improve the blood coagulation factors so as to prevent various heart diseases.

Helps in improving brain's condition in Alzheimer’s disease

When our body gets older there is a difficulty in the way our body can utilize fats. Scientists have suggested that the ketones found in the coconut oil can be a good source of energy for the deteriorating brain cells thus reducing the risk of having dementia.

Thus the consumption of coconut oil has a lot of benefits. We can cook our daily meals in the coconut oil. It can also be used in the form of a moisturizer. It is also soothing for your lips. It helps the skin protect itself from the harmful ultra violet radiations of the Sun. It helps in increasing the bone strength and also prevents hair loss. The coconut water is also a lot beneficial as it contains a high amount of phosphorous and zinc in it. Therefore we can conclude that coconut taken in any form can improve your health immensely. No wonder coconut is called a miracle fruit!

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