Whats Red card in Cricket?

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Whats Red card in Cricket?

Red card is issued for foul play in Hockey commonly. However, rules are set to change in Cricket and this card is all set to be introduced in Cricket too for the first time. The move is currently under deliberation and is all set to be introduced in international cricket by next October.

This was announced recently in a release in Mumbai after cricket experts from all over the world deliberated on this issue. The red card will be issued for extreme behavior on field which could be threatening to the umpire or any other such kind of behavior which could result in physical injury or mental torture of the person who faces this behavior.

Mike Brearley headed this committee and among the other participants were Ricky Ponting, former test captain of Australia.

Red Card has been in use in other sports since long and it was being felt that such a warning card should be issued in the game of Cricket also. Rising incidents of indiscipline over the years have been observed in Cricket also. At times, players who are at fault start fighting with the umpire when they are given out.

The introduction of Red Card will curb this problem and will bring ethics into the game.

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