What's the Fifth Dimension?

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What's the Fifth Dimension?

Science believes that our universe made with dimension. According to the superstring theory, our universe has the tenth dimension. According to the M-Theory, there are eleven dimensions in our universe and according to the Boson Theory some 26 nos dimension there in this universe.

What is a dimension? As like we are majoring different physical things in different units like distance in meter, the temperature in Celsius, electricity in ampere, time in second and so on. Likewise, all the events which are happening in this universe are measured with dimension.

We are living in a three dimension world so we can easily understand up to three dimensions. Starting from the zero dimensions, it has no length, no breath nothing. It is a dot on a paper. Come to the first dimension, it is a distance between two dot points means two zero dimensions. The second dimension, it can be described in both length and breath. The third dimension is the dimension where we are living now. We are using length, breath and height. But we cannot move in the space-time. We are moving in a straight timeline from child to old. We are unable to move forward or backward by our own in this straight time line. This space-time is the fourth dimension.

If we are living in a four dimension world then we can be still able to move forward and backward in our timeline of birth to death. The fifth dimension is something bigger than this. Not only we are able to move forward and backward in direction of our timeline but also able to move upward and downward direction of our timeline. Now, this is a very complicated dimension and our three dimension mind is unable to understand the details of the fifth dimension.

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