Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

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Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

In this world of augmented reality, a key fact that concerns everyone is the difference between virtual and augmented reality. A lot of media attention is being devoted to both of these terms.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is computer generated simulation and can be said to be a recreation of a real life situation. As the name indicates, the users feel that they are experiencing the reality first hand. The person who wants to experience virtual reality needs to wear a headset which is much similar to Oculus from Facebook which is equipped with this technology.

Virtual reality becomes possible through the use of a coding language which is known as Virtual Reality Modeling Language.

Augmented Reality

This is a technology which layers computer generated enhancements in a manner which makes it more meaningful. Augmented reality is used in apps whereby the digital component is blended into the real world in a manner so that they blend into each other.

Augmented reality is slowly coming into common use. It is also being used to pop out 3D emails, text messages, and photos on mobile devices. In the technology industry, technical people are also using the same for doing amazing stuff with holograms and activated commands which are used to the motion.

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Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is all about creating a virtual world that users can interact with. Whereas, Augmented reality is  blending of virtual reality and real life.They both are new technologies, cutting edge in fact, both of them are currently are the subject of fascination to the world's most tech savvy people.

I believe both Virtual and Augmented reality will succeed and is the future of tech industry, However, Augmented reality might have more commercial success though, because it does not completely take people out of the real world. 

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