Standout screens shake up smartphone design in latest-gen handsets

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Standout screens shake up smartphone design in latest-gen handsets

Smartphone have also evolved with changing time. The new generation smartphone has enhanced aspect ratio, curved edges, and innovative displays as some of the qualities which were not thought about in the recent past.

This trend is likely to be emulated by leading smartphone manufacturers namely Apple and Samsung to catch up the growing market of a smart phone. This trend was pioneered by Xiaomi which created the buzz with its Mi Mix smartphone which was designed by Philippe Starck. This particular model featured a 6.4 inch borderless display which covered the major part of the screen.

This type of display for a smartphone has a distinct advantage in the way that the display size increases without any change in the overall form factor of the device. This trend introduced by Xiaomi is likely to be followed by other brands in the smartphone market.

Curved Screen Designs

Interestingly, the pioneer of curved screen design is no other than Samsung. They have come up with Galaxy 6 Edge and S7 Edge. The advantage of this kind of form factor is bezel free edges, an idea that has been picked up aggressively by leading smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Vivo.

The market of the smartphone is rapidly evolving and changing with time and many new innovations are likely to follow in the coming weeks.

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