When You Want to Find Love So Bad You Become Desperate

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This is probably you. You want to find love, real love. Someone who treats you really good, understands you, and falls more in love with you every day, and vice-versa.

When you want to find love you can make a few mistakes though. You can become desperate to find love and start taking anyone who comes along! This is not a one-time thing either!

When you really want to find love you often start to NEED it. You want it for so bad and for so long that it starts to become something you feel you need to the very core.

Normally our needs are met very easily. We need butter; we go to the store and get it. We need a new refrigerator; we go the store and get it. We can normally satisfy our needs quickly and easily. But when it comes to finding love that need is not something that we can control so easily! And thus our need turns into desperation, almost as if love is being withheld from us and we can’t do anything to change that.

This is why you have to stop needing to find love so much if you want to find love that is truly going to make you happy! If you need it to the point of being desperate then you are going to take any old loser that comes your way and try to conform them into what you want. You trick yourself into thinking that you have found this perfect love that you have needed for so long, but in fact it’s normally quite the opposite. Then when you break-up you want to find love again – and the cycle continues until you finally surrender and let the need go.

I know this personally, as I think most people do! I needed to find love so bad that I dated many guys that I thought could give me that love. I normally got into the relationship too fast and didn’t actually get to know them to see if they were really what I wanted. This always resulted in find a jerk instead of finding love.

It wasn’t until I stopped needing to find love that I actually found a guy who was perfect for me. When the desperation was gone I was able to see what real love was all about and I was also able to see the qualities I wanted in a guy much clearer – and I was also able to wait for them!

So if you want to find love and you feel a sense of desperation attached to that feeling then stop! Start believing that love will find you and stop seeking it out every day. Once you do this you will be surprised at how quickly love will show up – just keep your eyes open!

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