Which Block producers are good?

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With the current negativity surrounding ETH, EOS has a chance (and money) to move great user-friendly projects to its ecosystem.

I am not a financial advisor or advanced crypto expert, and I am also not entirely familiar with the philosophy of the design of EOS. But I’m genuinely very enthusiastic EOS supporter. I’ve read a lot about EOS and how great it is. On the other hand, there were a lot of words about how unreliable the system is and how BPs are already forming cartels. Of course, there are flaws. But as I know, Etherium was harshly critiqued at the beginning too. Which makes you question all the negativity.

I believe that having more Block Producers will be healthier and better for the EOS ecosystem. Especially Block Producers that are committed to transparency, and being in a state of giving a continuous contribution. 

I was searching for the promising BP candidates to vote.

By far very convinced by Aloha EOS and ShEOS. MinerGate recently joined the game too. 

Still, there is plenty of fish in the sea.




Will be glad to get more information, though. 

And don’t forget to VOTE! 

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