In an Argument, whose Side Should Husband Take- Wife or Mother?

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In an Argument, whose Side Should Husband Take- Wife or Mother?

In-law conflicts are considered normal these days. Marital struggles of coming-age are in compliance that often leads to disturbing situations amongst the families. Primarily women, be it mother in the family or the wife, both suffer from unpleasant circumstances. However, wives complain that "my husband defends his mother over me." And same happens with the mother.

On one side, there are several reasons given by a husband on how he should love his wife. But on the other hand, why does a man support his family more than his wife? Let's find out. 

Why Does A Man Support His Family More Than His Wife? 

"My husband defends his mother over me!" - If that's your question then here's the answer. Marriages are relationships where not only two people get into an association, but also their families. It requires continuing efforts to get along. For the same reason, dynamics of the family entirely goes through a transformation. Troubled marriages and in-law conflicts occur due to several reasons. 

Couples, husband, and wife, come together into a newly bonded love encounter. However, there has always been a passionate and engrossing bond of the husband with his family. Of course, romantic relations are pretty distinctive from those of the blood relations. But there are certain feelings and signals that remain the same. Then, what really makes the difference? Why does a man support his family more than his wife? 

#1. Each wedlock has its ups and downs. But the reason he's overcompensating to his family could be the arousal of (natural) guilt. He feels condemned of not being able to spend more time with his family and hence, the discontent. 

#2. He tries to display love and affection for his family. For him, it appears to be obvious as he wants to let them know that another member cannot replace their space in his heart. 

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#3. Another reason why he does this could be because of his struggles to maintain peace. He might back out when any such situation arises that involves his family. It might make you feel separated. But that's how he finds solutions especially if the two of you share totally different viewpoints. 

#4. One more obvious reason that would make you feel left out is that he might be accustomed to his family's behavioral patterns. But in this case, he might not be putting them above all. He could just be maintaining loyalty. 

But, what about the promises like you'll come first always or you'll be the only one? Are these just phrases to seal the wedlock? 

Here Are The Reasons A Husband Should Love His Wife More! 

#1. The lady luck shouldn't be made to feel like a competitor in the family. She's equally a part of it and you need to dignify her position. The respect and love for a wife differ from that of the parents. But making the wife feel special balances out the situation. Husbands need to learn the art of adjustments and balance out the situation maturely. 

#2. Husband's relationship with his parents needs to shift up to a certain extent. There's a reason why men and women unite into a wedlock. Both of you need to complete each other and share mutual belongingness. 

#3. Husbands and wives are a part of the same vehicle that has to move forward with unified efforts. Parents are a part of you, they raised you and will always love you. But wives also deserve commitment, sense of security, and whole-hearted love. 

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#4. By following the above, husbands display respect for their relationship. They portray the strength of their relationship. This creates a greater intimacy. And that's how the two of you can count on each other in the times of difficulty. 

Liked what you just read? Want to share how you deal with your in-law conflicts? And how do you maintain a balance amongst family and spousal love? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you! 

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