Why B2B Sales A Lucrative Career?

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B2B sales is a business to business sales where one company sell their products and services to other company.

Types of B2B

The sales person is selling products and services from one business to another business such as office supplies and computer equipment.

The second one would be where the salesperson selling products component from one business to another business such as a tire manufacturer might sales tires to a car manufacturer.

Why does a company need B2B

Established good working relationships with the clients

Understand the needs of your target audience.

Research the market and related products

Articulate and execute great ideas. 

Make the presentation concise and precise so that other person could understand clearly.

Top 5 B2B Companies in India







 In India, slowly and gradually B2B is surpassing B2C. Nowadays, the companies like IndiaMart and TradeIndia facilitate interaction between buyer and suppliers and helps them to connect with each other. Moreover, As per the Business standard, By 2020 B2b e-commerce will become 45 lakh crore industry in India. Currently, there are a humongous job opportunities in this field and company are willing to pay a decent salary for freshers as well as the experienced candidate.


Salary would vary with your experience, cities, and country. Besides that, in B2b, the individual can start with 2,00,000 per year and with years of experience and expertise, you could earn in lakhs. However, the salesperson gets the huge incentive and other parks, if he or she performs well and achieve their estimated target.


Degree in Management or if you want to excel in this field then you could do MBA in marketing. It would help you to get promotion in future.

Six points to remember, while doing a B2B sale

Conduct Research about the product and Market.

Define your Target Audience as per the product

Trying to get as many references as possible.

Take the help of social media to find out the leads.

Contemplate your strategy to convince the client

while selling the product, always try to engage them with your products and services.

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