Why is Valentine's Day Celebration so Overrated?

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Why is Valentine's Day Celebration so Overrated?

Every year, on the fourteenth day of February, the couples set out to celebrate the idea of love in different ways. The Valentine gifts and cards are quite common during this period. Well, unfortunately, with time, the idea of Valentine’s Day has been commercialized to a great extent, and people have forgotten as to why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Well, here are all the more reasons why Valentine’s Day is overrated and has become rather a corny idea.

#1. Obligations

What sucks the fun out of Valentine’s Day the most is a number of obligations you are under to get everything perfect. After all, even the most amusing of activities lose their charm when you are under pressure to get things right.


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#2. Gender Roles

Another reason why Valentine’s Day is overrated and dull is that it does nothing but reinforces the gender roles and stereotypes where a man who goes on to proclaim his love for a woman, is nothing but a passive subject.

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#3. For Single People

With the amount of public display of affection that goes on throughout the day, Valentine’s Day brings in a whole lot of stress for all the single people. Not having a date on Valentine’s Day does nothing but make you feel terrible.

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#4. Why Just One Day?

One of the major reasons why Valentine’s Day is just corny is that the idea of love has been brought down to just one single day. Well, it is unfair to prescribe a single day to celebrate love when love should be something that is celebrated and cherished throughout your life.


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#5. Burns A Hole In Your Pocket

Valentine’s Day definitely goes quite hard on your pocket, as it has turned into a mere materialistic event nowadays. Interestingly, your love has a market value now, and trying to deviate from the trend might only offend your partner.

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#6. Valentine Proposals

What could be a more clichéd a concept than Valentine’s Day proposal? It is only sad that despite being a cliché, the trend is still being followed by millions out there. It does nothing but makes the day corny and funny.

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#7. A Lost Essence

The whole idea of celebrating love during Valentine’s Day was supposed to have a wider meaning. However, the concept has sadly been narrowed down to just the couples exchanging expensive gifts. With a narrow and shallow definition of love, Valentine’s Day has completely lost its essence and charm.

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#8. It’s Everywhere

What makes it even more overrated and corny is that there is no escape from Valentine’s Day. From your computer screens and television to markets and parks, you will find the Valentine motifs everywhere around you.

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#9. Quite Predictable

Besides being cheesy and corny, Valentine’s Day is quite predictable in nature too. This, in fact, makes it all the more overrated. You know exactly what you are going to find out in the markets or malls. The day even comes with a standard form of décor which is followed throughout the year.

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#10. Stressful Day

From fatiguing preparations to comparing your moment with other couples, it is rather a stressful day. If by any chance, things go awry, there are even chances that your relationship may get into jeopardy. There are possibilities of further stress even post Valentine’s Day.

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#11. An Entire Week

To top it all, Valentine’s Day has become even more overrated with an entire week dedicated to it. A seven-day celebration is something that can get anyone exhausted and bored. All in all, the one day stress has only increased seven times, to be precise.

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We would love to hear from you. Do you believe that Valentine’s Day is overrated? Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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