7 Ways To Childproof Your Computer Device

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7 Ways To Childproof Your Computer Device

Childproofing a device doesn't restrict only to the hardware controls. There are some other things that those young brats can do to your system. From malware infection to modification of settings or removal of applications - they can do it all. So what exactly needs to be done to keep your system or laptop childproof? Here's a checklist!

#1. Built In Parental Control 

Thankfully a majority of devices have the inbuilt parental control systems that offer stringent security options to protect your device along with the data. This easily helps you manage how the device or laptop is being used including the hours your laptop's system can be available for.

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#2. Enable Internet Logging 

The routers used for your broadband service may also offer the ability to log the web usage for both incoming as well as the outgoing traffic. The outgoing log gives you the idea about what websites your child is visiting. Obtain the IP address matching your child's computer and see the destination URLs. In case you don't find any,  make use of any Reverse IP tool or website easily available online. This would help you keep a track on your child's activities online and take further steps.

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#3. Install filtration software  

Several tools help you block the malicious sites from appearing over the laptop screen. Hence choose the one based on age restriction or other such factors. All the instructions are well-written keeping in mind the real users along with detailed tutorials for easy operation.

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#4. Familiarize yourself with sites like Facebook 

Most of the kids these days have at least one profile over any of the popular social media sites. Hence you need to keep yourself well acquainted with the way such websites work. Track how your child uses the same. 

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#5. Clean your iTunes account 

iTunes, Apple’s MP3 store allows you to keep a roof over what your children can download based on a particular content rating system. Therefore, songs with explicit lyrics can be cleared. For setting up the provision in case you don't know how to, just visit the support section on the official website of Apple.

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#6. A Limited Account 

Use a locked down user account on your laptop, or you can say a guest account which gives a limited user access across the entire system. The child would require a lot of permissions before getting into any suspicious space. Therefore, your kid can not easily install any software or change the system settings.

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#7. Encryption 

If you are looking for a much safer way to locking your data, then you may want to create a reliable encrypted package on the laptop. You can make use of several free programs available online that perform a fantastic job. Such apps restrict the easy access to your important files. This way your kid won't be able to obtain any information, accidentally delete any files or cause further harm. Encryption programs allow you to mount the system only when you have to use it.

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If you have any such tips, checklist points, thoughts or opinions then let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!  

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