Are Cigarettes Vegan?

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Are Cigarettes Vegan?

We all know smoking is bad and we also know that we should quit. Most vegans follow a healthy lifestyle, and there is no place for smoking in this lifestyle. However, there are many vegans who are addicted to smoking and can’t seem to quit the habit. There are many vegan cigarette brands out there for your consumption.

Let’s find out whether or not cigarettes are vegan and do cigarettes contain animal product or not.  

Is Smoking Vegan?

There is a heated debate doing the rounds whether smoking is considered vegan or not. It is a matter of agreeing or disagreeing. Many people argue that there is no such thing as a vegan cigarette. The moment a tobacco leaf is harvested, it also involves other animals like mice, rabbits that inhabit near tobacco leaves. What follows next is the cruel animal testing. Most cigarettes brands test their products on animals. Marlboro is the biggest brand that does animal testing. So according to these arguments, smoking cannot be considered Vegan.

However, there are some vegan cigarette brands that promise that their product is not tested on animals and is completely vegan-friendly.

Do Cigarettes Contain Animal Products?

Most cigarette brands contain a substance called castoreum which is a substance that is created from a beaver’s anal gland. That’s right! Most cigarette brands have this chemical in their products. Some researchers have evidence that cigarettes contain pig’s blood. It is used in the filters. If you are wondering what is pig blood doing in a cigarette, then there is an answer for you. Pig blood is used in filters as it traps the harmful chemicals from entering the smoker’s lungs.

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Is Rolling Tobacco Vegan?

The tobacco leaf is free from any kind of meats or animal by products. So yes, rolling tobacco is vegan. Also, the glue used to stick the edges is vegetable based. So you are not harming any animals by rolling tobacco leaves.

Vegan Cigarette Brands

There are only two known brands that offer vegan “friendly” cigarettes. These are:

#1. American Spirits

If you have ever heard the question “Are American Spirits Cigarettes vegan?” then you’ll be delighted to know that they are vegan! American Spirits is one of the two vegan cigarette brands out there. They only use tobacco and water and no other harmful chemicals. So it is safe to say that American Spirits is a vegan-friendly cigarette brand. There’s an interesting thing about this brand. An American Spirits cigarette burns for 30 minutes! If you don’t want your cigarette to burn for so long, then you can try the next vegan cigarette brand.

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#2. Winston

Winston is another vegan cigarette brand that only uses tobacco and water. Unlike American spirits cigarettes, this one burns normally. Winston does not use any additives or harmful chemicals, so it is also vegan-friendly. The company that owns American Spirits; RJ Reynolds may produce vegan cigarettes, but their other products are tested on animals.

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Vegan or not, any type of cigarette smoking is injurious to your health and those around you. So, try to quit this habit for a healthy and improved lifestyle. If you liked this article, let us know in the comments section below.

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