Do you think Tobacco Companies would like to sell Marijuana?

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Do you think Tobacco Companies would like to sell Marijuana?

Contemporary culture is showing cynicism towards smoking cigarettes than ever before. It means reduced revenues for big tobacco leagues. So, big tobacco companies are thinking of positioning themselves into the growing marijuana business if the drug wins legal status nationwide. To combat the shrinking domestic congregation, the number of companies making cigarettes has been reduced to what is effectively a duopoly.  The tobacco industry, for all its counterfeit ignorance about the health hazards of its products, is not stupid and has been thinking about trifling in marijuana. Tobacco industry's future seems to be bright as marijuana progressively becomes legal, big tobacco companies are possible to dominate the market.

Tobacco companies are finding modern ways to accord their customers with the experience of effects of marijuana.They are also coming up with new ways for people to use it. A possible milestone can be Open Vape extracts oil from the marijuana plant and its use in manufacturing elements like an electronic cigarette.

Mass wants cannabis with convenience. If someone could possibly combine the two, then it would be a worthwhile break in the industry. But, it is not going to happen very soon.

Policymakers and public health advocates must be aware that the Big tobacco companies are willing to enter the marijuana market with the aim of enhancing it's already boundless use. To forbid the supremacy of the market by Big tobacco companies seeking only to maximise their profit and merely concerned about the health hazards,  policymakers should learn from their successes and failures in regulating tobacco. 

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