How to detox your liver naturally?

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How to detox your liver naturally?

The liver, is the largest gland and the hardest working organ in our body. Its function is to cleanse blood and remove all the toxins.

Our liver gets overloaded when we get exposed to pollutants and eat fried, processed foods. This is the reason we should detox our liver.

Eating detox foods, supports elimination. You may feel  tired, gain weight, get acne or dark spots on the skin and suffer headaches if your liver is overloaded. 

Here is how to do a liver detox naturally -

# Garlic is rich in sulphur and helps to get rid of the toxins. It reduces our triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

# Carrots are rich in vitamins and a protein called as glutathione. Eating raw carrot is very good for detoxification.

# The tomato is rich in Lycopene and good for detoxification.

# Drink lemon water. Water keeps you hydrated and eliminates toxins through urination.

# Buy organic vegetables and other organic food products. They contain higher amount of vitamins and are free from pesticides.

# Spinach contains energy boosting iron.

# Walnut is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.

# Vitamins fight with bacteria, viruses from the blood and fights infections.

# Turmeric, is a powerful detoxifier. It is also effective to treat arthritis. It also regulates blood sugar levels.

# Green leafy vegetables can neutralise heavy metals.

# Reduce exposure to airborne toxins like paint, cleaners, dyes, deodorants and nail paints.

# Avoid alcohol.

# Using a microwave oven, destroys all the nutrition present in the food.

# Methionine, found in legumes and onion aids detoxification.

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