Home remedies to increase energy and stamina.

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Home remedies to increase energy and stamina.

Stamina and energy is needed for physical and mental performance. Reasons for low energy and low stamina may come from a sedentary life style, by health problems or by over exercising.

Here are some home remedies to increase energy and stamina - 

# Apple cider vinegar - Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature. It increases our stamina with electrolytes.

# Sweet potato - Sweet potato boosts your stamina due to it's hypoallergenic properties. This will enhance absorption of protein.

# Turmeric - Turmeric is anti-inflammatory. It is great to get rid of exhaustion. It is capable to increase endurance.

# Banana - Bananas are rich in carb. It has the ability to produce dopamine.

# Green tea - Polyphenols are excellent to relieve fatigue.

# Bean - Bean can increase your stamina. The bean is high in iron content.

# Active lifestyle - Being physically active can strengthen your heart muscles, promote good digestion, improve your metabolism and remove toxins from your system.

# Magnesium rich food - Magnesium deficiency may be the reason for low energy.

# Take proper rest - Adequate sleep is necessary to leave us energized.

# Think positive - Positive thinking makes us stay fit and energized.

# Water - Water is needed to keep our body healthy and energized. It keeps our body beautiful and increases the stamina.

# Yoga and meditation - Yoga and meditation are good to build up stamina.

# Stay away - smoking, consuming alcohol, drugs and too much caffeine.

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