Tips for local travelling

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Tips for local travelling

Traveling is one of the best adventures out of many adventures in life. The person who travels carries an experience which no job or promotion can give. It teaches you the life experiences, the roots of exploration, the key to self-love, devotion and versatility in culture, food, and lifestyle.

To enrich your travel dairies there are certain tips you should keep in mind which are -

1. Research beforehand: The first thing to do before planning to trip to any exquisite location is to research. Research about the place you want to visit, where you want to stay and eat. You should know the pros and cons of visiting that place beforehand. A research saves you from excess in expenditure and from being fooled or looted.

2. Explore things yourself: The best travel is the travel which is done alone. You know the best you would want to see or explore. A guide is not always helpful, he might not tell you everything.

3. Travel light: Local travels should be light. Carry minimum luggage.

4. Keep it minimal: Spend less on the mode of travel and accommodation and more in exploring the streets, markets, lifestyle and food. Also, don't behave like a tourist you might get looted.

5. Plan ahead:Prepare a list a night before of the things you want to do the next day.

6. Carry a backpack: Backpack is every travel person’s ideal. It is easy to carry and the most convenient travel accessory.

7. Capture: No memory is worth experiencing without being captured. Take a camera along and click pictures of everything from food to clothes, markets, shops, streets, toilets and everything. If you are not the person who loves clicking pictures then write down your experiences of every bit and every place. Carry a short notepad and pen in your satchel, purse or side bag. These memories are worth cherishing decades after.

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The idea of local travel is simply to see a culture through the eyes of its local people. It's about stepping off the tourist route, getting away from what is familiar, and taking a trip that's not about the checklist, but a number of events and memories that you cannot make anywhere else. 

Few tips to remember before you plan your local travelling are -

Meet the locals - If you want to stay and travel like a local you will have to meet locals for it. From them you will get a lot of idea about that particular place, their caste, festivals, culture, living style which will further help you to be like them. 

Wander- Drop your map and wander and explore the locals places on your own. Maps and guidelines will make you feel more of a tourist than a local traveler. 

Eat what and where the locals eat - One of the best ways to connect with a new place is through your stomach. Thus rather than going to fancy restaurants,  you need to go and eat where the locals eat, especially the local street food.

Nice tips. Totally agree

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