How many times have you got lost while travelling? What happened?

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Okay , so I am a self-confessed “lost boy” who has no idea about the streets , the place where I live and yet I love to travel. I started driving when I was as young as 15 but that is it. I never tried to remember the routes, thanks to our GPRS systems. You just don’t need to remember anything.
So , now I am 26 and recently married. My wife and I went to Greece for our honeymoon, and the experience was nothing less than walking in heaven. Those dinners, the night walks, the beaches and the streets. Oh yes, the streets. Damn, they were confusing. The hotel that we were putting up in was in the middle of the market which I thought would make thing easy for us, only if I were any good at remembering the streets.
So, this one’s about the night when we were quite drunk, sloshed actually and were coming back to our hotel. For some reason (obviously alcohol), I couldn’t remember the name of our hotel and thought that we’ll able to figure out our way back. My wife was pretty much convinced (again, the alcohol made her do so), and we started walking.
We started walking at around 12ish and in an hour or so, I could not see anything that resembles our hotel or any nearby places. As much as I remember we came back to where we started after every 15 minutes which makes it four rounds of the same place. Yes, we were literally walking round the same block for about an hour completely clueless of what we were up to.
An hour into finding our hotel, exhausted and totally buzzed, we decided on asking for help. Luckily, we found a cab that dropped us to our hotel based on the descriptions we gave him. The night was insane and we had a great time. The next morning was a beautiful one and rest is history.
For the ones who are as bad in finding routes as me, my only advice, keep a map handy or be prepared for the best adventures of your life.

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