Why do we toss and turn during sleep?

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Why do we toss and turn during sleep?

There is  scientific reason behind why we toss and turn during sleep.

There are five conditions associated with tossing during sleep -

# Teething - Teething can increase crankiness in people. This can cause swollen gums. People may bite nearby objects.

# Sleep Apnea - People may stop breathing and restart for many times.

# Night terrors - Night terrors may cause us get up from the sleep in a state of confusion.

# Increased stress - With increased stress, people may toss more and this may lead to nervousness and anxiety.

# Periodic limb movement disorder - It causes our leg to move rapidly. This makes us wake up and have an interrupted sleep.

Here is how we can reduce tossing while sleeping -

# Warm milk - Drinking warm milk will help you go to a good sleep.

# Warm bath - Taking a warm bath before going to bed can help you get a good night's sleep.

# Physical activity - Include yoga or light exercises in your daily routine. It will help your body relax.

# Put the mobile down - Stop using mobile after lying down in your bed. Keep your laptop away. Electronic items, will disturb our sleep pattern.

# Avoid excess caffeine and alcohol - Avoid taking heavy meals before sleep. Maintain a regular sleep and wake up time. Avoid bright lights while sleeping and get exposed to the sunlight in the daytime.

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