What should be done to quit smoking?

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What should be done to quit smoking?

Smoking, when unchecked over a long period of time, becomes a habit. Getting rid of this habit could take a long haul for smokers, having encountered many challenges in finding a way out of nicotine addiction. Nicotine which constitutes cigarettes is an addictive drug, sometimes considered to have effects as of cocaine and heroin, and may be associated with various health conditions. Initially bringing about an increase in the heart rate and making people feel alerted, at a later time, smoking could lead to depression and fatigue. The dual role of nicotine as a stimulant and depressant is the reason why developing a resistance towards smoking is so difficult since the withdrawal from nicotine triggers a further craving for smoking. No matter how physically and mentally demanding may the consequences be, many people have resorted to quitting smoking which has, in turn, helped improve the quality of their lives largely.

Various measures undertaken facilitated the quitting smoking for many individuals and it is worth acknowledging that the first step towards adopting withdrawal is the thought and intent to quit. Many of the smokers prepare a plan to strategize quitting and seek the support of their family and friends. In case a person cannot confide on his near and dear ones about his smoking habits, he could reach out for help from an adult or a counselor. Sometimes, penning down one’s own ideas and thoughts on quitting could also help in withdrawal from smoking.

The most successful attempt at quitting begins by fixing a particular date to stop smoking and by discarding ashtrays, lighters and any remaining cigarette packs to control the temptations of giving in. In the case of a chain smoker, it makes more sense in washing away and dry-cleaning clothes that smell of cigarettes to resist oneself. Since a smoker is well aware of the regular timings of the day when one is triggered to take a smoke, it is rational to time those intervals with alternate activities and keeps oneself busy. Often, avoiding the usual places of smoking could also work in the favor of the smoker in one’s attempt to quit. Often, dependence on mint, chewing gums and candies could help override the desire to smoke cigarettes.

The ability to handle nicotine withdrawal requires a lot of patience on the part of the quitter to be successful in dealing with the physical symptoms associated with quitting. Some of the common symptoms and behavioral changes associated with nicotine withdrawal include frequent stomach ache and headache, depression, inattention, sore throat, dry mouth and an intense desire to eat. Keeping oneself busy under these circumstances, could help distract the mind and body from falling prey to these symptoms. This helps in keeping the mind healthy and body energetic.

Quitting smoking can be initiated effectively when undertaken gradually. Reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day might be a desirable approach, however, may not prove to be helpful to everyone who is willing to quit. For some people, giving up smoking completely in one go may prove to be more challenging but more effective in terms of quitting. In the case of failure of different strategies undertaken to quit smoking, it is suggested that the doctor is consulted to prescribe nicotine replacements, gums, patches, and inhalers. These replacements, however, are medically prescribed and should be used after appropriate consultation of the doctor who could help seek a solution to the reasons for the failure of attempts in quitting.

After several months or weeks of denial, in case, one gives in to temptations and cravings, this one incidence should not deter the smoker from quitting. It should be treated as a one-time mistake and must not falsify one’s efforts in undertaking quitting strategies by treating oneself as a smoker again. At a time like this, it is important to remind oneself or be reminded by one’s friends and family, that one mistake is too trivial to stop a smoker from trying to quit. Quitting smoking is not an easy affair. Therefore, to keep the hopes high and keep up the efforts to quit, it is essential to reward oneself at times, probably by using the same money that is lost in buying cigarettes, to acknowledge one’s own efforts and perseverance to quit.

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