Do you think there's a difference between" fashion " and "style"?

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Do you think there's a difference between" fashion " and "style"?

“Fashion Says Me Too; Style Says Only Me”

Fashion and style appear like synonyms on the surface with both pertaining to a similar notion of being well-dressed and well-presented. However, both have a world of difference between them. They are like two sides of the same coin, opposite in many ways, but can simply not exist without each other.

So, what the major difference between Fashion and style?


It’s external and shows what’s out there or what our population as a whole thinks is good looking enough to be sold on magazine covers and high-end stores.


It is a lot more personal and internal. It’s showing the world a piece of your own self. It is what defines you as a person and reflects your innermost thoughts, desires and beliefs.

Fashion is a trend that changes pretty quickly in this ever evolving world, while style remains eternal.

So, is one better than the other?

A Lot of people put down fashion while saying the style is most important, but without fashion, we would never know what to wear to express ourselves. In other words, fashion gives us a wide buffet of options through which we can experiment to exhibit our own personal style.

If fashion didn’t exist, we would be all be still wearing Victorian Era ball gowns or 9-yards of Saree every day.

It is Fashion that tells and teaches us that time has moved on and so should we. In a way, Fashion is like a box of paint. It is up to us and our own individual style to choose the colors we like and paint our very own piece of art on the canvas of life.

With presentation and looks getting so much importance now a days, it is imperative that we are both stylish and Fashionable. Here are tips to do so.

1. Experiment With Your style:

Mix and match items, throw on a shirt backward or simply wear a crop top with a traditional Lehenga. There is so much you could try. Throw all rules out the window and just experiment.

2. Always Be Comfortable:

Just because something in “in Vogue” doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Not all types of Fashion is for you. Wear only something you are 100% confident in.

3. Create your Own trends:

It’s not always important to follow fashion trends blindly. You can make your own trends every now and then.

4. Recycle Old Fashion:

What do you do with items that are now out of fashion? You revamp and recycle them. For example, you can get creative with an old top and give it back cut outs, make it into a crop top or embellish it.

5. Have Loads of Fun:

There will be times you look amazing and times when experiments fail. It’s important to remember to have fun and be courageous to experiment to your heart’s desire.

Both, Fashion and style can’t exist with the other. So, keep an eye on latest fashion trends, but also remember to not follow them blindly. In the end, you only look as good as you feel!

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Yes, Fashion and Style is different in a certain way. Fashion can be apart of a style but a style can be used in a different fashion if that makes sense? In my opinion, your own style is going to be different from someone else. Yet all those clothes are apart of some form of fashion. You and another person could be wearing the same clothes but it can look extremely different based on facial features, makeup, and other parts of the outfit. Adding a different pair of shoes, extra jewelry, or a different hairstyle can switch the "fashion" to a different style. All these are wearing the same dress, yet all of them look different. They all have a different style but are wearing the same fashion item. 

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