Mobile phones can be seen as fashion statement, can this put pressure on you to renew your phone to the newest model?

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Mobile phones can be seen as fashion statement, can this put pressure on you to renew your phone to the newest model?

In today’s fashion trend, it has become a prestige symbol to own the latest mobile phone. When the mobile phones were introduced in India two decades back, it was considered very costly with Rs 5 per call and the cell phone was looking like a cordless landline phone.


With time, the cost of the call was cut short with so many service providers on the run. And due to the market competition, they started to reduce the call’s cost and the mobile phones went into lots of changes in their size, shape and weight.

I still remember my first cell phone was very small in size (the size of my middle finger) which was costlier than my father’s mobile phone, which was bigger and longer in size. But now bigger the size, the price is more for the mobile phone.

As a fashion statement, I feel that there is more pressure on the youngsters and fashion freaks than others, as holding the latest Apple iphone would make someone more popular in college and office, even though, the usage of the mobile phones have been banned in the college premises and in some offices too, especially during meetings and conferences.


As a grownup and a person who does not care for the fashion trend, I do not mind using my old phone, but I had to switch over to the smart phone as I had to use Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc, etc, on my phone, which have become a part of the daily routine life.

I like these apps as they keep me updated with my family and friends. We can share photos with friends who are far off and I could watch my USA brother’s live home concert through Facebook live, what more can one ask for than this.

So guys!, do not get carried away by the trend, stick to your budget and do not overtax your parents and fight with them for a new mobile phone. Of course, if your old phone has worn off, you can move to a newer latest one, but just for the sake of buying do not keep changing.

Hold on to your mobile phone for at least 5 years as that would be the lifetime of many mobile phones these days. Before buying itself, discuss all the possibilities whether the phone would be worthy of our hard earned money, check with people who have owned the brand before, then take the step towards buying the particular new model.

    Think smart, act smart, be a smart shopper!

   Happy shopping!!!

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