How To Fight and Beat Addiction

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How To Fight and Beat Addiction
  • Addiction is something to which one has an intense craving. It is mostly abnormal. People get themselves tangled in the traps of addiction and they find it hard to get out. If something in your life becomes routine, it’s hard to break free from it. It’s the same with addiction, but it affects more deeply and can also lead to death.

  • Obsession over something is bad as it can make lose one’s sanity and become totally caught in a world of lies and fantasy. It will make one lunatic and eventually it will upset all those who are around him or her and make their life also miserable.

  • The major cause for addiction is stress. When stress cannot be handled by a person, they find alcohol or drug as a panacea for the trauma. This eventual becomes a habit and then it is very tough to let go. Many people are stuck in this cobweb. They feel that their life will end and there is no hope.

  • But there is always a way. Even if one is trapped in a maze, there is a way out though it may take some time. Tension, stress, anxiety, pressure, angst, agony and distress all leads to the feeling of dejection with oneself. Depression makes one lonely and desperate, due to this one finds drugs soothing but the damage it does is huge.

  • To beat addiction, at first, you need to change your way of thinking. If a person is addicted to something and wishes to come out of it, then positive thinking will only help. Negative thoughts such as “This is not possible” or “I can’t do this” won’t help. You need to think straight, get yourself together and believe that you can get out of it. Santosh Kalwar says, “We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking”. Therefore, if you change your thinking, only then there will be some difference.

  • You need to keep in check of the things you are doing. If a person is into smoking, he or she should try to lessen the amount of taking it. For instance, if you take ten cigarettes a day, you need to start by trying to reduce the numbers, like maybe eight cigarettes and then maybe six and so on. This will help to decrease the addiction level. Day by day if it is lessened, then you can get out of it. If you have to reduce your weight, don’t you keep your diet in check? In the same way, one must keep checking oneself.

  • Keeping the mind busy is another way of getting out of addiction. When you sit idle, your mind will try to think of the addiction. But when you do some or the other work, it will not come to your mind. Make it a habit to learn different things. Have many hobbies. Try new stuff to do when no work is around. This will keep the mind busy and it would not waver. That doesn’t mean that you should strain yourself, just try to do interesting stuff, which will take all your stress away and you wouldn’t remember your opium.

  • Another way of beating addiction is to look for other routes. For stress, smoking, alcohol, or drugs, are not inevitably the cure. You can do exercises in the morning or run a mile. It is a good way of relaxing your mind and body. Or you could also go out on a trip in the woods. One can do meditation and prayer too. It can calm the soul. Hanging out with friends and going to spiritual camps may be of help sometimes.

  • You could always find someone to whom you can confide. Telling people about the troubles and pain one goes is of great help as it makes the mind light. The heaviness inside will weaken and you will feel free. Getting help from someone is not that bad. Speaking of the problem to the elders may also be helpful. You can have someone to check on you if you are taking the drug or not.

  • C. G. Jung says, “Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic is alcohol, morphine or idealism”. Feeling like you are at the end of your tether, don’t rely on your addiction, otherwise, it can ruin everything. Addiction is a silent killer; you won’t know it until it’s too late. So be cautious and fight addiction.

There is always a risk of relapse

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