The computer has replaced the book.

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The computer has replaced the book.

A book provides the most cost effective means for spreading education and literacy for it is available at a fraction of the cost of a computer. Moreover being extremely portable and handy it is not dependent on any external factors like availability of power supply, software, and space that are the essential prerequisite for a computer. To go through the contents of a book, the two basic ingredients required are time and inclination. It can be read at any time of the day or night and anywhere like while traveling or even while dozing off to sleep.

Book v/s Computer

Reading a book does not cause any physical discomfort or eye strain while the same cannot be said for while reading the contents of a computer.

We are all aware of the hazards of back pain and eye strain caused by the long stretch of viewing a computer screen.

Another factor for the book is the high degree of respectability and faith commanded by the written word.

Thus, while we may see or hear an event on our computer terminal there is nothing better than to confirm the same from a newspaper or a book.

Besides helping in spreading education to the masses, a book plays an important role in developing our power of expression and the generation of new ideas and thoughts which help in molding our personality.

Computer can never replaced by a Book

A computer thus can never replace a book. The convenience and conviction offered by a book can never be possible through a computer. Moreover being a machine it is liable to breakdown whereas error factors are nonexistent while we read a book.


According to my vision computers have replaced books.Computers can stare a large amount of information than those 400-600 pages books.In this mordern period all the books of the world lie in a computer or any other devices like cell phones,tabs.The answer that we get in 20-25 min from books,we can get those  same answers in 5 mins from the computers.

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