Recycling and reusing old hard drives of your computer

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Recycling and reusing old hard drives of your computer

The hard drive is an important part of your computer. However, if it fails removal is the only viable way so that your work does not suffer.

Let’s remove a hard drive on our own by following the below listed steps -

You will need screwdrivers to do the task. The label should be facing up while you remove the six visible screws. Once this is done, you will have to turn the driver over and remove all screws that hold the drive controller card to the drive.

Use a utility knife to cut the seal which runs on all four sides of the drive. The drive cover should then be opened and all screws should be removed. You can use a flat head screwdriver to remove the rare earth magnet. Thereafter, the drive read/write arm has to be unscrewed. Remove the read/write arm thereafter and remove the second magnet also.

The round plate which retains the data disk is to be removed in the next stage. This should be followed by removal of data disk and retaining disk. Removal of drive motor should be done thereafter.

The drive is now completely disassembled. You can use the screws for holding other things together. The magnets can be put to many other innovative uses. In case, you do not wish to try any of these take all the scrap to a dealer and you will get some money back.

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