What is a computer virus and how do we protect our computers from being infected?

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What is a computer virus and how do we protect our computers from being infected?

The self-replicated computer virus is a malevolent program which is used to infect your programs, other executable files, and even makes your system crash. Your computer can pick the computer virus through typical web activities like sharing music and images with other users, visiting an infected site, opening a spam email, downloading free system utilities, and by installing some software applications without reading license agreements completely.

I have crafted the ways to protect our computer from being infected by virus below:

Install and update quality antivirus software
A firewall is a software that blocks hackers from entering and utilizing your PC. Firewalls prevent your system from responding to random pings generated by the hacker. A firewall blocks communications to and from restricted sources.

Most free anti-spyware programs do not provide security against real-time and spyware infections. Free anti-virus programs can be used for detecting spyware threats once they have infected a system while professional anti-software fully removes the detected infections. Frequent scan and updating are required to protect PCs from latest threats.

Think before you press Enter
Restrict websites containing pirated contents. If you have to download a file, email etc., scan it once before you run it. Professional anti-virus software will do that automatically but check whether it is done.

Don’t use un-encrypted Wi-Fi
When you are at the local shop, restaurant, airport, or other public places, don’t utilize the open Wi-Fi. Since it provides internet access with no issues, a skilled hacker has a chance to pose a security threat.

Use Strong Passwords
Never use the same password for all of your accounts. Use a strong password by providing the combination of lower case letters, upper case, numbers, and symbols. Make it easy to remember but tougher to make a guess.

Configure your social network applications correctly
Don’t make the applications open automatically when you start up your device.

Back up your files frequently
Store your backups in the trusted place. If you fall prey to a virus attack, you can recover the important information like bank statements and so on.

Keep your firewall turned on
A firewall is internal security software that helps protect your system from unauthorized access. When you first set-up your computer, make sure to select the firewall security protection to “Yes”.


Well, with the antivirus installed the PC is secured but not 100%. Commonly if you are having free antivirus installed in your computer then you are probably under the risk of getting infected with virus or other malware.

So, the best is to install a good antivirus in your system and perform a deep scan in your system at the regular interval of time.

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