Political Sceneario

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Political Sceneario
"Politics is the last resort for the scoundrels" that is what George Bernard Shaw said. Even then politics has become an integral part of our life.

Gone are the days when the kings, emperors, and monarchs influenced the life of the common men. In the modern days, it is the politicians who rule us, govern us and form policies.

Politics may be a dirty game, but in the parliamentary democracy, somebody has to initiate. That person who initiates is the leader. When the leader thinks and forms policies for the nation, it has the direct bearing on Social, political, cultural, economic, educational, agricultural, health, sanitation, safety, security, taxation and overall well-being of the entire nation. 

For India, the nation of 1.3 billion and second largest populated country with several ethnic groups, several religions, several thousand cases, many hundred languages, mixed cultures, many dietary habits and different beliefs, it is a Herculean task to maintain equilibrium and it is as good as walking the tightrope. Although it is difficult to satisfy each and every individual, it is expected from the rulers to deliver which is beneficial to the majority of the countrymen especially the people from the lower strata and is underprivileged.

India is a young nation of 70 years after getting the power transferred from the British and accepting parliamentary democracy; India has been ruled by a group of influential politicians. Due to multiparty electorate system, the candidate getting more votes is returned. At times the candidate getting as meager as 20% polled votes is returned. On principles, he should be treated as rejected by the 80% and be unacceptable but we hand over our fate to him.

Political parties with any ideology have been found to be the same because it is the caste and religion which play a pivotal role. The politician’s cross floors at the drop of the hat only to remain in power as such whichever the party rules, it is the same principle which always prevails, and that is 'Might is Right' and no marked change is expected.

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