Craze for cricket in india

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Craze for cricket in india

Yes, it's true that hockey is known as the National game of the nation. But, cricket is successfully at the zenith, in terms of popularity and craze among the people of the nation. There are individuals, who consider playing the sport, cricket as their obsession. While, for others, cricket is passion and others simply enjoy the sport being a spectator. Also, there are individuals with the passion for understanding the sport, right from the roots.

Thus, simply watching the sport does not satisfy the quest of the Indians. There is much more to it. You can call it a "cricket mania". But, cricket has captured a prime space in the lives of the individuals. This sport has been successful in reuniting the Indians and rejuvenating them irrespective of the regional and secular differences. The craze of Cricket is such in India that it has always remained to be a hot topic among individuals of all ages. The players are accepted as the role models of the Indians. Cricket has become successful to grab the attention of people of not only India but of the entire world. 

Indians and the sport, Cricket seem to share an inseparable bond of love and attachment throughout the ages. Cricket matches happen to be a grand feast to the minds. the popularity of the game is also because of some of the wonderful virtues it inculcates in its spectators. These are discipline, sportsman spirit, the level of confidence and courage and the urge to fight back under any circumstances. 

Many thanks to the contribution of media for the growing craze of the sport among the nationals of the nation. Media has a huge role to play to take cricket to its zenith of popularity. Cricket has become highly successful in winning the heart of the individuals of the world. Such is the beauty of the game. Long live the craze of this adorable sport in India.

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