What you don't like about Facebook?

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What you don't like about Facebook?

Facebook is an online social media where we can share our views, videos, and photos. We have the liberty to make friends as well search for our old friends; our peers at school and colleges. I am really happy to have a lot of my school friends and colleagues as my connection. Yet  there are few things that really annoys me, that which I don't like about Facebook. The first thing is that this social site is not free from hacking. My account has been hacked and obscene pictures have been posted on my wall by people who are not in my connection or by unknown people. This shows that this website is not completely secure from hackers.  

Some users use this site to vent out their personal grievances against their connections like relatives. This is not polite and at times it's very annoying too. I have had the experience. A single comment by a family member created a lot of tension in the family. There should be some guidelines made mandatory by facebook that can bar users to use this site for vengeance or digging.

Facebook is a social website where we should share something useful and joyous and not use it for personal attack. Photos loaded not offend anyone man or woman. Let's not make this website a place to show off or create problems but a site to spread and share some good thoughts and news. Boost up your professional life and reputation through Facebook though your updates.

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