Herbs that can prevent seasonal allergies

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Herbs that can prevent seasonal allergies

It’s that time of the year, welcome to the allergy season.

No matter how fit you are or how healthy your lifestyle is, seasonal allergies tend to impact our health despite our best efforts.

The underlying causes of seasonal allergies can be varied and endless.

While visiting the doctor and consuming over-the-counter medicines can be conventional, effective and easier to follow, it may not necessarily give you the best results. A naturopathy treatment, however, will always give you immense relief and satisfaction and that too without any side-effects. Infusing herbs with warm water is the best remedy for an instant relief.

Read on and follow so you get closer to your natural state of balance and health. These herbs will stand the test of time.


Oregano oil has proven to be one of the most important tools in fighting against harmful organisms. If you’re suffering from allergies, oregano oil can act as a natural alternative in curtailing further environmental sensitivities. 


With a strong historical Indian background, eucalyptus is widely used for its medicinal properties. Eucalyptus oil when added to warm water acts as a natural vaporiser and helps in combating allergies. 


Basil, a traditional remedy, contains an anti-allergic compound known to fight allergic symptoms such as hives. Basil leaves if added to green tea or boiling water on a regular basis can also help boost your immune system. 


Used as an oil or dry form, thyme helps reduce cough by clearing lungs. It may be added to a glass of boiling water, tea or regular warm food. 


This scented herb works beautifully against cold, cough, headache and exhaustion. It works best when it’s added to the vaporiser. 


Peppermint leaves when added to a pot of boiling water or tea can serve as an instant refreshing allergy-relief tea. 


Turmeric, a herb and a spice popular in Indian kitchens is proven to ward off cold and reduce allergy symptoms. Gives best results when mixed with honey, warm water or a glass of warm milk. 

Green Tea 

Green teas are often infused with herbal flavours and ingredients. Evidence suggests that drinking green tea provides relief against most seasonal allergies.

Most of these herbs are easily available in Indian markets. ‘Tis the season to be merry - stay allergy free.

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