How does Google make money?

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How does Google make money?

Google is the most popular search engine and the reason behind its innovation and being popular is the variety of search quotient it offers.

On a different note, you would like to know on ways Google generates revenue. After all, it’s all about money and no one knows it better than Google. If you go by the official line Google says that they generate money or revenue by delivering online advertising which is relevant to the core.

However, if you wish to understand the real facts, read on. 70 percent of revenue of Google comes from AdWords and the rest from AdSense. Google realized early that a person would enter a search term for a reason. The page to which this search leads will definitely like to place an advertisement so that people click on the same and are prompted to buy the product or avail the service.

Google primarily operates on Cost per Click and each time an advertisement is clicked, a share of the revenue goes to Google.

Google also earns from its associated services including Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Docs as people often check out different advertisements which are associated with these services.

‘Google has been in the business too long and has mastered the art of revenue generation and knows to be in the lead now to be overshadowed.

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