How effective can Dehydrated Garlic be for your health?

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Dehydrated garlic is a dry form of garlic and one of the main components in the Indian spice mix and other common food seasonings. The dehydrated garlic is often used as a powder in various dishes and curries to provide garlic flavor. It is also used in making garlic salt which consists of garlic powder and table salt. Ripe garlic with a strong odor is used for dehydrating. After peeling off, they are washed and then they are kept in between 300-320 F. This dehydrated garlic is then chopped until they get into the desired size and lose a little bit of moisture content. Dehydrated garlic can be of several forms depending on its size, like the garlic flakes, chopped garlic, minced garlic, granule garlic, etc.

Garlic flakes are used mostly in pizzas, pasta, hamburgers. While the granule garlic, garlic powder, and minced garlic are used interchangeably in salads and sauces. The garlic powder takes short time to spreads its odor and is one of the main ingredients used in a spice mix of chicken curries. Garlic powder is less used in liquid dishes as it might get clogged up and form clumps while the granulated garlic is frequently used in soup and wet dishes. Minced garlic is just concisely chopped garlic cloves. It is more concentrated than garlic powder. Though, it doesn't stick much with dry spices.

Dehydrated garlic loses its nutrition value as it loses the juice, but still, it contains enough content to bring good taste to any recipe.

According to UNFAO India is the second largest producer of garlic producing 1.2 million tons per year. Gujarat stands out in the production of Garlic and its products among other states. Chopped and powdered garlic mainly originates from Gujarat. The bulk export of garlic is the dehydrated garlic products made by Gujarat's chief garlic manufacturing companies. The dehydrated garlic and Onion export Company are some of the best companies located in Gujarat. The suppliers ensure to provide premium quality of the dehydrated garlic to the customers.

Thus, to conclude not only Garlic provides its best when it comes to giving a pungent sweet taste to any dish but also it provides a good number of health benefits too. It reduces the level of cholesterol and contains a good amount of vitamins in it. So add dehydrated garlic in moderate quantity to get the best taste and nutritional value of any recipe.

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Granulated dried garlic also serves as a moderate source of phosphorus, one of the most abundant minerals in your body. Phosphorus promotes healthy kidney function and allows your cells to make ATP, a source of energy.

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