How to Find my Lost Android Phone?

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How to Find my Lost Android Phone?

Feeling bad on losing your phone or worse if it’s stolen? Release your fears and arrange a tracking system before a despicable scenario strikes. To get the best results while trying to locate a place, connect your phone to a Wi-Fi signal through mobile networks and GPS try to point the fairly right location.

Also, you need to have a Google account to use the available tracking services which are either built in or downloaded.

How To Find Your Phone Using Google?

If you lose your mobile somewhere, then you can try to know about its whereabouts by logging into your Google account which could either be from somebody else's phone or a laptop.
Then follow the following steps:
#1.    Open the browser from the phone or computer.
#2.    Open up on the web browser if it is not your search engine by default.
#3.    The, write ‘find my android phone’ in the search bar of Google.

#4.    Then a quick tap on ‘Find My Device’.

#5.    Then simply enter your e-mail address and password just like you normally do. Also, if you have two -step verification on your phone, then you will have to complete that as well.

Once it’s located, you lock, erase or ring your phone.

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You Could Also Locate Your Phone Using Third Party Apps Such As:

#1. Family Locator

The app by Life 360 is a GPS tracker made for mobiles and way too useful for families or somebody possessing a lot of phones. So, you can make a circle which would be including your family members. Then, the members of your family will appear on live maps in the app as small icons so you can keep a watch on everybody. In case, anybody’s phone gets lost, you can track their phone on the map. The app also allows you to chat with people in the circle you formulated.

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#2. Cerberus Anti Theft

This app hands over multiple remote control features if you ever find yourself in an awkward situation that means losing the phone. The best part is you would be able to ring, erase or lock your phone and also at the same time you will be able to have access to your camera remotely or could start an alarm even if it was on silent mode when you lost touch with it. Also, the most advanced elements of the application allow you to hide Cerberus inside your app drawer so that it isn’t detected at any cost. So, this way your stolen or missing phone will send back your data to you through Cerberus website.

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#3. Prey Anti Theft

Did you know that through this app you get the access to protect three phones with one download? Also, along with that, you get to start an alarm from the phone which has been missing, take screenshots if it’s being used or shut down the device as soon you realize that it has gone missing. The application is free of cost, and no payment is required to use its high-end features.

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#4. Lost Android

This app will help you to have access remotely to your phone which has been missing with the help of their website. Also, along with that, you get the benefit to erasing off any sort of data which you think is sensitive or if you get thoughts that your phone may not be returned ever.

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In addition, you could also choose to forward any calls remotely or any calls you may be missing to another number.

Hope this article helped you! Let us know if you face any doubts by commenting in the box below.
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Most devices come with the ‘Find My Phone’ app in-built. They can be easily taped-on when lost. If you do not have this device on your phone you can follow the following steps:-

- Launch a web browser from another phone.

- Navigate Google

- Type 'Find my phone android'

- Tap on the first search.

- Enter your email ID and Password.

- After completing the process, you can ring the phone or you can lock your phone or you can erase all the necessary details from the phone.

If it doesn't trace your phone's location that’s mostly because it is not connected to WI-FI. In such times, it is most important is to keep trying.

You can also download many locator apps if you fear losing your phone.

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