How to keep digital Data or Files safe on any Android phone?

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How to keep digital Data or Files safe on any Android phone?

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Thank you for posting the query here. On browsing through the net, looking for solutions to your query, we came across a plethora of solutions that can be tried to keep the digital data or files safe on any android phone.

#1. Encryption

Encryption is the process of converting information or data into code, especially to prevent unauthorized access. Encryption is easy for IOS mobiles, but it can happen on android phones as well. You will need enough time to encrypt your data depending on the size of the files or the hard disk. It can take up to an hour or more so keep your phone plugged in and make sure that the battery is full. During the encryption, some of the data may be lost as some users have reported and encryption is irreversible. You will have to set a pin or passcode on your phone, and then you can go on to encrypt your phone.

#2. Anti-Malware Protection

Malware is software which is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain authorized access to a computer system. These malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, scareware and more. It can be present on websites and e-mails or hidden in downloadable files, photos, videos, freeware or shareware. They can invade your privacy and can get access to your personal files. It becomes very important to protect your digital data by installing anti-malware protection. Download one anti-virus from a variety of free antiviruses available in the app stores. However, free snit-viruses do not give full protection, but they can help you clean up extra files and a routine check-up to detect any viruses. They give warnings if you are about to open a malware file.


#3. Turn On Mobile Location

In case, your mobile gets lost you will lose all your private details and information which is stored on the phone. When you turn on the mobile location, your phone’s location will be traceable, and it could be found if lost. The biggest damage would be when your mobile gets stolen so it would be advisable that you protect it. A lot of apps these days provide the facility of phone tracking with which you can get your phone back. Androids now come with the in-built feature of tracking which asks you to store three or more contacts who can be informed if your mobile phone gets stolen. A person who will try to unlock your phone will have to present a password that you set, and after a few tries, a message would be sent to those contacts.

There are a lot of other ways with you can protect your data and files on an android like you could download a vault that hides the important or the personal files which will not be visible to other people. You should also keep a backup of your files in case you delete something accidentally.

We hope the information provided above was useful and will help you keep the digital data or files safe on an android phone. Keep posting your queries here!

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It is very important that we keep our data on our phones protected especially in times when we are under siege from every corner. Hackers keep outsmarting the protection soft ware’s we use but still there are ways to foil them and protect your private data. The screen lock is a no brainer as when as in a lot of offices and place you have to deposit your phone in the box. Apart from that you need to enable a pair of settings first that will allow your android device manager to locate your phone right off the map. Select Settings, then google, then security and then activate both the options which are remotely locating the device and allow remote lock and erase. Now what you can do with this is that you can locate your phone with the help of android device manager and wipe your data. Play store cannot protect our phone from third party apps by selecting then security and then activating unknown sources setting It is a good step to take which helps you scan and verify potential threats in your phone so all you need to do is go to setting then google then security and then verify apps .

With increasing dependence on our cell phones, they have become the most important part of us. For some people, they would rather prefer to lose their wallet than their cell phone. Out cell phone has so many personal details stored in that losing it to a stranger might land us in a big problem. Our photos, messages, card details and personal documents are all stored in it. Somebody getting a hold on our phone means that all these personal details can be used by them now. So, therefore, it important that we take care of keeping these files safe on our cell phone. So, today I am going to share some tips for keeping your data safe on an android.
One of the biggest threats that we are facing, as I already mentioned is losing your phone. As you are not able to respond immediately to the situation you should make it easy for yourself to find the phone. Any phone that has Gmail account attached to it can be tracked by accessing that same account on another device. You have to go to "Find Your Phone" in My Account and select from the options of tracking the location, ringing the cell phone, locking the screen, or doing a complete factory reset.
The second important security measure is keeping a good screen lock on your phone. All androids have the feature of keeping a pattern, PIn or password as the lock. This way a stranger cannot have access to the contents inside. You can go one step further so that your password is not visible when you enter it.
You should never save the passwords of your apps on your device. This way anybody who knows your password or is able to crack it can now freely access your social media and bank account. Always make sure that they cannot use those apps without another different password. You can even use some sort of app lock for this.
Never install apps from unknown sources as they might be a danger to your privacy and lead to the hacking of your cell phone. If you doubt that you have done it, change all the passwords. Make sure you do not use same passwords everywhere as it is easy to hack it.
If your data comes into wrong hands, you may undergo inopportune consequences of this. So, always be firm when it’s about the safety and protection of your data.

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