How to keep safe your online banking information from hackers

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How to keep safe your online banking information from hackers

Online hacking is a serious issue now. With the surge in online banking and most people using the same on regular basis, it is important that you take steps to keep yourself safe from the perils of hacking.

1. Strong Password

A strong password is a safe way of keeping your account safe. The password should ideally be a combination of capital and small letters with symbols incorporated in the same to ensure safety. Additionally, you should keep complicated answers to security questions; else any hacker can judge your answers from a trip to your Facebook account.

2. Secure the connection

Ideally, always use your personal computer while doing sensitive transactions online. If you have to do so at a public place do not take help from anyone. Additionally, do not auto check your password option, even on your personal system. If the same is lost or stolen, you could land up in serious trouble.

3. Have account alerts enabled

All your account alerts, be it for online banking or logging in to your email should be enabled. This will always ensure that you are alerted on any unauthorized check in into your account and can then take up precautionary action on an immediate basis.

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