How to know it's Time to End your Relationship?

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How to know it's Time to End your Relationship?

The cold, hard truth is that almost half of all the marriages in the US end up in divorce. The reason for these range from money troubles and infidelity to privacy issues, children from previous relationships and interfering exes.

Watching your marriage disintegrate may be one of the most hurtful experiences in the world, but that is something that you will probably have to go through in your lifetime. However, getting to know when your marriage is over and there is no saving it is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of self-awareness, clear-headedness, and patience to know if you have gone past the point of no return.

If your marriage has been in the shambles for a while now and you are trying to comprehend whether you should try to save it or close this chapter of your life with a divorce, then you are on the right page. Here are some signs that can help you decide if it is the time to sign the papers.

#1. You Fight On Every Trivial Thing

Sadly, there comes the point in many relationships where love is gone, and every tiny, little thing that your partner does frustrates you. All the nicest things that you once had to say about your spouse have entirely vanished, and nitpicking over tiny details is how you two, spend your time together. Every relationship has fights and arguments, but you are at the stage where all you do is just fight. Moreover, you do not fight fair. Your attacks have become highly personal, and you do not care if they might really hurt your partner.

#2. The Respect Is Gone From The Relationship

In a healthy, or you may say normal relationship, couples do fight, but they never lose respect for each other. If your relationship has reached a point where your partner’s word means nothing to you, then this is probably the time that you part ways.

#3. You Do Not Trust Each Other

Trust is the foundation of love, and if there is no trust in a marriage, there is no love left. You don’t want to be in a marriage where there is no love, do you? Trust may be difficult to build but it is too easy to break. Forget infidelity; your small lies are enough to make your partner lose trust in you. If you have lost trust in your partner, which has become a major issue in your relationship, and you feel that it is not possible for you to rebuild it, then perhaps it is time for the divorce.

#4. You Do Not Communicate

Communication is paramount for every healthy relationship, and when you start to communicate less with your spouse, the relationship begins to die down. You start to have less and less meaningful conversations. If you and your partner mostly talk about the mundane things in life, then it is a sign that your relationship is heading towards troubled waters. In a successful marriage, partners share their dreams, aspirations, fears, and problems with their partner without hesitation. Also, when the communication dies in a marriage, there is also little or perhaps no hope for saving it.

#5. Development Of Addictive Habits

One of the most common signs of a broken marriage is the development of addictive habits. When a marriage is nearing its end, wives and husbands often turn to alcohol or other substances to numb the pain or fill the emptiness left in life after losing love with the partner. If you have reached that point, then you need to understand that your addiction is not going to fill a void. It is only going to make you feel worse than before. What you actually need at this time is gather the courage to move on to another chapter of your life.

#6. Looking Outside The Marriage For Love

What could be a more obvious a sign of a failed marriage than you starting to look for love and support outside the marriage? Two rudimentary things that every person expects from his or her partner is love and support. What is left when you can’t get them from your partner? Also, cheating is not necessarily getting physically involved with someone other than the person you are married to. Cheating can take a number of shapes and can be found in seeking emotional support from someone other than your husband or wife.

#7. There’s No Physical Intimacy

One of the biggest signs that it is time for divorce is that you have stopped getting physically intimate with your spouse. When you stop getting intimate with your partner, be it for any reason like you had kids, you are always tired, or you have no time, you start to drift away from your partner, emotionally. Physical intimacy  is an expression of love. We do not get intimate with everyone we meet; only the one we truly love. When physical intimacy is eliminated from a relationship, it is a hint that you need to do something about it, or prepare to end the relationship with someone you love.

#8. You Are Emotionally Withdrawn

In most of the cases, it is not about being physically withdrawn from your partner that suggests the brink of separation; it is the emotions. When people married to each other or dating each other begin to withdraw themselves from their partner emotionally, it means something is wrong. Perhaps they are no longer interested in being with their partner. If you or your partner has been emotionally withdrawn from the other for past some time now, then you should probably start preparing for the worst.

#9. You Are Not Willing To Make It Work

No matter what you are going through, be it financial problems, lack of physical intimacy or anything else, nothing can tell you that it is the end of your relationship with the person you loved the most if you want to make it work. And no matter how gem of a person you are dating and how good your chemistry is, nothing can keep you both in a relationship if you do not want to make it work. If any of you are resistant to keep the relationship going, then there is most probably no hope for your marriage.

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So, these are the signs that can help you decide whether there is still hope for your marriage or is it time for you to end your relationship with dignity and grace. Have you or someone close to you been divorced? What told you it was the time to end it? Tell us through your comments in the dedicated box below. We would love to hear from you.

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There is no use stretching the relationship when you know it is not going to last, but the problem is understanding when there is no hope left to rekindle the love. People say you just know when there is no love in the relationship but it is not as easy as you may think. Sometimes you are merely going through a rough patch in your relationship and you believe there is no saving it, while sometimes it is the other way around. One of the most obvious signs that your relationship, marriage or love is a thing of the past is when you have become a different person around your partner. You are sad whenever you are around them and fail to be happy no matter how much you try. You feel like you are playing a role, reacting and behaving in a way that you think is appropriate rather than being the person that you truly are.

Also, there is no use dragging the relationship is you feel disrespected, hurt, frustrated, under-appreciated, lonely, insignificant as well as guilty on a regular basis. But ‘regular basis’ is something subjective. We are all humans, and it is okay to mess up. It is understandable to occasionally say hurtful and disrespectful things, even to the person that we love. But if that behavior continues for a long period of time, it is perhaps better that you take the big step, given that you have exploited all your options to take them on the right path. In addition to that, if the one who you are married to or in a relationship with is trying to turn you into a whole different person, then it could be another sign that it is time to say goodbyes. At the end, it would also like to say that every relationship is different and only you know and understand yours. These points can help you but you are the one who is going to have to make the decision and it is going to change your life, for better or for worse. So, think carefully before you make a choice.

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