Encouragement of bicycle transportation

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Encouragement of bicycle transportation

From yesteryears, human beings have been using many types of transportation for the sole purpose of traveling from one place to another. In the beginning, we used animals like horses, dogs, camels, etc as the mode of transportation. Then with the invention of wheels, we moved on to bullock carts, tricycles, bicycles, etc. now we are in a luxurious modernized world with cars ranging in many shapes and sizes, vans, bus, airplanes, helicopters, etc.

But is this modernisation good for our society? I would so yes and a big NO. Why is it so? Because going in a car and the airplane can save time and without much strain to the body, we can travel at a fast pace. But the pollution it adds to our environment is not a good one to feel proud of. Moreover, is it healthy to our body? We do not sweat; we do not exert as we travel and hence land up with lots of health issues and complications.

What is the solution for this problem? Modernisation is like a cycle. The fashion trend keeps moving in a cyclic manner and after lots of inventions and discoveries, we realize that we would be better off with our first invention, and that would be cycling, especially bicycles.

I feel it is high time we think about our pollution levels and in due course, we might all choke with difficulties in breathing. And so the best option would be to go for bicycles.

Advantages of bicycle transportation:

1. It is cheaper: When compared to buying cars, bicycles are cheaper and easily affordable by everybody. Maintenance too is not costly, whereas maintaining a car would be financially in the higher graph. Instead of waiting for car loans, we can easily opt for a bicycle.

2. Easy to manufacture: Comparatively, the bicycle is easy to manufacture with less shipping costs.

3. Save petrol/diesel: There is no usage of petroleum products as there is so much demand for them. Hence its maintenance is cheaper.

4. No pollution: There is no emission of bad gasses through the bicycle transportation and hence it is environment-friendly. There are no hydraulic fluids, oil leakage etc.

5. Not heavy: As bicycles are less heavier than cars, trucks, etc, it does not affect the roads as when heavy vehicles cross the roads they tend to wear out the roads which would lead to the formation of the potholes. This is always a big menace to both government and public.

6. Healthy: When we drive a car, we need to spend extra time for exercises whereas when we cycle around, it is an exercise and there is no need for us to spare extra time to the gym. We can burn extra calories just like that and more importantly, we would end up with a flat stomach which would be everybody’s dream.

7. Easy to park: With so many vehicles on the move, it is so difficult to find a parking place and parking a bicycle is very easy when compared to heavy vehicles.

8. Bike lanes:  With separate lanes for bicycles, traveling can be faster when compared to luxurious cars and it is definitely more efficient.

9. Easy maintenance: Maintaining a cycle is definitely cheaper and operating it is, even more, easier, when compared to cars. Of course, they do require servicing on a regular basis, but once we understand the maintenance formula, it is definitely easier.

10. Surveys: A recent survey of bicycle commuters showed that they all were healthier, highly productive at work when compared to those who traveled by other automobiles.

Thus we can conclude that bicycling is the best option for commuting these days and the best example for a less pollution free environment is Japan. In Tokyo, people use bicycles for going for work and this is one of the reasons for the Japanese to have a high lifespan. Of course, there are other criteria too like diet, healthy foods, etc, which plays a vital part, but definitely cycling adds up to the health factor.

I feel it is high time we wake up and hit the road with our bicycles after dusting them off from our garage. It is highly economical, healthy, pollution-free, etc and what more do we need to lead a disease free life. 

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