Suggestions to bring Indian railways on track

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Suggestions to bring Indian railways on track

Indian railways have been trying to make improvements since its services have been implemented. With the passage of time, their services and maintenance have  deteriorated due to a number of factors like corruption, fund crunch, improper maintenance and the negligent attitude of the railway staff. We the people also have a major role to play in bringing the Indian railways on track. 

The basic improvement lies in the attitude of the railway staff as also the Indian citizen. The urge to apply corrupt means both by the railway staff and the passenger has to be stopped. The reigns of corrupt means by the railway staffs has to be pulled. A simple example is the e-ticketing site(IRCTC) of the Indian Railways. Rarely a passenger get a confirmed ticket through this site unless it's booked well ahead of time. That too there is  a time frame. Some trains give only ten days in advance and if a day goes by we do not get a confirmed ticket. Yesterday the site deducted the amount of booking from my bank account against a failed reservation without giving me any cancellation option in my booked ticket history. Though I have informed the railway customer care for a cancellation, I don't know when my money will be refunded. I have to use an agent now or stand in a long queue for a ticket. What's the use of such a site that does not work well?  

Ticket collector(TTs) in Indian Railways still use unfair means while allotting a confirmed seat. Most of the seats are still blocked by the railway staff through unfair means so that they can earn illegal money. There has to some handle in the railway ministry or department to monitor transparent ticket reservation.

Where cleanliness of trains are concerned, though the railway department has started engaging NGOs for maintaining cleanliness it's the duty of the passengers to cooperate and keep the trains clean.


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