What do you think is the safest form of transportation? Why?

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What do you think is the safest form of transportation? Why?

Transportation is a need. It is our part of life. We all use various modes of transportation to reach our preferred destinations every single day.

No doubt all of us must have experienced the roadways much more than any other transports. Obviously, the road transport serves the rightful in every person’s life, mostly two wheelers right from the beginning. But there is even a greater threat of using two wheelers amongst several other transportation systems. Research says people using two-wheelers are more prone to several accidents.

No doubt the open system without any covering does make a two wheeler risky. But even at times, two wheelers can be quite time-saving. And then we got four wheelers which are fully covered and used by a bit higher class of commuters. Still, there are lots of road accidents involving high-end cars in recent times. Maybe the speed that a car catches up is not taken casually by all. Every accident involving car has been termed as speed crash. And trains, on the other hand, poses quite a threat in the wee hours of traffic resulting in several commuters choosing it, because of its cheap pricing. So what transport system do serve as the safest one among several?

Studies say although the plane crash is inevitable at most of the time, but passengers are secure from any other casual risks as far as another transportation is concerned. The air traveling is by far the safest means of transport, taking note of the precautionary measures that are undertaken to ensure the passenger's safety. Air travel happens to be also the most maintained public transport system that involves mass traveling. Considering the fact that equal measures are taken for passenger safety and maintenance, air travel proves to be the right option when it comes to safety issues. But air traveling doesn’t involve nearby locations of a place. Although far locations can be well fetched, considering nearby areas, public transport or private cars do the needful.

The thing that makes air transport preferable over other means is the criteria behind several processes that are carried out to ensure any future contingencies are faced with equal protection and care. There are several things that serve as a great relief during a contingency period in case of air transport. Belts are offered, along with emergency kits and oxygen masks for the betterment of the passengers. Traffic is less as compared to our usual modes of transport. Even if a flight contains several passengers, arrangements are made to avoid a rush and unnecessary stampede issues. Passengers who have knowledge about commercial air transport system, always prefer air transport over the others. Although there was a time when air transport was only available for the higher class of individuals, it is not the case right now. Airfares have increasingly become cheaper during recent years that has increased the number of passengers traveling through flights.

Research have been made which points out that flying is considered s the safest means of transport with just 0.07 deaths in contrast to one billion passenger miles. And the vaults of an airplane is specially engineered to ensure that sufficient pressure is withstood above a certain altitude. Plane crashes have drastically come down in recent years because of increase in the methods of engineering and planning of the architecture.

There are people involved in traffic control in case of a plane which makes the traveling much safer. As in the case of other transport systems, it totally depends on how we manage to make our journey safe. But air traveling has its safety guaranteed or even protected by skilled professionals working round the clock. The training of pilots is more intense and rigorous than any other drivers of transportation.

While we know how easy it has been to get a license of cars these days, increased number of car crashes does justify the risk one gets while traveling in a car. Pilots, on the other hand, are much more trained and skilled professionals, depending on the fact that getting a pilot’s license is not an easy stuff. Therefore while using air transportations we are aware of the driver's qualification that is not off the books. Even technologically, air transports beat several other means of transport in the first attempt. 

Airline technology gives a tough competition to motor vehicles which makes them appear as if products from the Stone Age periods. There are GPS systems enabled to detect major changes in the air routes and along with it has a turbulence detection programming which can predict intensity, altitude and other aspects of a turbulence. These technologies are hardly offered in any other forms of transportation and motorbikes offers the least in terms of technology. Therefore air transport is by far the most reliable transport considering the list of precautions and measures that are taken to make your traveling smooth.

Although people believe that a plane crash is the most dangerous thing to happen while traveling, recent advancement in technology has increasingly cut down the chances of a plane crash. No doubt at times it is even risky to travel using air transport, but as far as other means of transportation are considered, air transport has the right components that make it a better option than cars, motorbikes and trains.

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No, I don't think so. There are risks in air transportation as well. I personally prefer road transportation over any mode of transport as they are way more safe and reliable. Palletower offers some of the most durable pallets that will help you transport your precious goods to your destination spot. 

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