Is education necessary for both a career and knowledge?

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Is education necessary for both a career and knowledge?

Making India a country of 100% literate Indians is what our government is trying for 70 years. Most of us agree that education helps in the overall development of a person. The fact is true but the scenario is changing very fast. There was a time when parents educated

There was a time when parents educated girls for the sake of knowledge or get a good candidate as a groom. The boys were educated both for knowledge and a good career, but have we achieved that target as yet? I do not think so. Had that been the case the number of unemployed youths would not have increased. Today the issue of unemployment is grave both for men and women. This is because of lack of quality education in almost every institution. A sustainable livelihood has become a far fetched dream. Today's youth lack both depths of knowledge and skill to work and the result is unemployment and insecurity in the job sector. Therefore institutions should always thrive to impart knowledge as well as students for a bright career. Value education, as well as career prospective learning, should go hand in hand.

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Education is necessary for both carrier and knowledge. Education means helping people to learn and build a successful career. Education helps to maintain our personality, good mentality and also self-respect. Education gives the great opportunity for the growth of our career. Education completely changes our life and help to become successful in our life. For more details refer  Custom essay writing service is the better service that provides detailed and effective information related to educational basis.


Yes, education necessary for both a career and knowledge. 

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