Is it acceptable for parents to spank their children?

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Is it acceptable for parents to spank their children?

No, not at all because children are immature both in mind and in their control on their actions. They don't understand things clearly and also that they cannot control their responses. It is the duty of the parents that they understand their child properly before giving a judgment. They have to consider the child, the situation in which he/she acted or misbehaved, and other human factors involved other than the child in the situation. 

It is necessary to understand the mood of the child in which he/she acted. Spanking is not the correct solution. It may make the child stop from misbehaving for once but it will make him stubborn if he is beaten repeatedly. He is too young to understand the social code of conduct. Let him learn first then only his action can be judged. It is better to make him understand the reason why his actions have been counted as misbehavior, according to the social code of conduct or whatever reason there may be. 

If he is hurt physically, there is always a limit to it, a time will come when he will give up and bear the scolding without any grudge and later react in a way that is not desirable of any parent. He may even start hating his parents, fall into bad company and nourish the thought of leaving the house or even join anti-social elements. To avoid such situation the parents have to deal with them with a rational mind.

The children have a limited understanding of the world. They cannot deal in human relations as do the adults. Thus it becomes the duty of the parents to make them acquire proper behavior and also retain their individuality. Love does wonders. But we live in a world shared by other beings too. So it is very necessary to make the children sense the needs of the other beings and live peacefully.

However it is not possible at times for children to react according to the code of conduct and there is a possibility of the parents losing their temper, the situation may become unavoidable then let the responses come in a natural way. The parents have to take the child back. If the child is slapped (severe physical harm is to be avoided) then let the child settle down, come close to the child and embrace him/her so that he/ she may feel the love and may not wander in a lost land. Make him/her feel that you are still there to love him. This will not let him/her astray. But let not these situations of physical harm be a frequent practice.

It is also not advisable to blame your children for all their actions. They may be right most of the time. Believe them. Listen to them. Give them space to put up their argument then only judgment should come. Have faith in your rearing of the children. And it is also very important to have faith in your children. If you have taught them the difference between right and wrong then there is no reason to blame them for every wrong deed. 

There are other factors that may act against the children and make their action fall in the category of wrong actions. Spanking is the first action that follows the outburst of anger and it is quite natural that parents cannot bear complaints against their children because they think their children cannot do any wrong to other, but it is sensible to think that others can also not always be wrong. The best way is to understand the situation with a cool mind and then react, and also understand that spanking is not the only solution. Situations can be handled in a different way, which may not hurt the self-respect of the children and thereby retain the harmonious relationship of the parent and the children.

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