Must-use apps for Android Smartphone Users

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Must-use apps for Android Smartphone Users

Most smartphone users think that by having Android based Operating System they have achieved the ultimate in the technology world. However, this is only a beginning and you should have some apps to keep it running thoroughly.

Below we list some of these apps which are a must for any smartphone user.

1. Clean Master App

With loads of junk piling in your phone, it is necessary that you have the clean master app installed on the phone. You will have to manually operate it when you think that the phone needs to be cleaned of all the junk files. In case you wish to go for an automated option, consider installing free Swift Locker which will boost your phone every time you unlock it.

2. Battery Doctor App

Random battery drain is another issue most smartphone users have to deal with. For intelligent battery optimization, you should consider installing the battery doctor app which cares for your phone on its own.

3. Disk Usage App

This app notifies you of the space which is being consumed by different kind of files. You can thus optimize and consider on types of files which need to be stored on your smartphone so that it remains up and running.

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