From Waterslide Tester To Professional Sleeper: 10 Super Cool & Wackiest Jobs In The World

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From Waterslide Tester To Professional Sleeper: 10 Super Cool & Wackiest Jobs In The World

Are you tired of the mundane 9-5 shift at the workplace? Do you want to do something more enjoyable than just sitting in a cubicle? Move away from doctors, engineers, managers, and analysts, get ready to explore some of the wackiest jobs available in the world that not many are aware of! 

So abandon your official wear, gear up your confidence and begin your journey to seek employment among the world's coolest jobs. Here are some options to start:

#1. Car Tester

(Image Courtesy: LiftO)

Are you ready to release the clutch and accelerate your career in this direction? If you are an individual who loves cars, this is one of the ideal jobs for you! The primary role of the tester will include trying out new cars, testing them in grim conditions and publishing a thorough review about the car among others duties.

#2. Professional Sleeper

(Image Courtesy: Woman's Day)

Now, who doesn't like to sleep? But imagine if you get paid for sleeping, wouldn’t it be the best thing that has ever happened to you! Scientists hire people as professional dozers to complete their research on sleep disorders. Thus, if you are a sleepy head, opt for it now and enjoy the luxury of earning money by sleeping.

#3. Fashion Buyer

(Image Courtesy: Fashion Buyer)

If you are a shopaholic, pull up your sock as this may be your dream come true job. Many from the elite section of the society in the USA and other parts of the world are hiring young boys and girls as their fashion buyer. The role of the purchaser is to shop for their employers and stylize their wardrobe with all the latest trends. Now, that sounds fun! Doesn’t it?

#4. Waterslide Tester

(Image Courtesy: Career Addict)

Is it safe for Amusement Parks to unveil a new waterslide without actually testing it? No, probably that’s why they hire waterslide testers. Therefore, if you possess a streak of adventure in your blood and wish to try something new, this is your chance! The perks of this job include free entry to the amusement park!

#5. Professional Mourners

(Image Courtesy: Estate Vaults)

As bizarre as it may sound, people are being hired as professional mourners to mourn the death of those who have no one to cry for them. A growing trend in the West, this is becoming one of the wackiest job profiles anyone could have heard of. It seems like all the drama kings and queens have finally got a platform to showcase their skills! Ace it.

#6. Video Games Tester

 (Image Courtesy: Business Insider)

From Super Mario, Call of Duty to FIFA, how would you feel if all the games came to you for testing before being launched for the public? Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing ever? Well, companies creating video games are always on a lookout of a tester who could play the game and report the bugs that need to be fixed before the game is released for the final users. So, what are you waiting for! Apply and enjoy the privilege.

 #7. Cuidacarro

(Image Courtesy: We make Movies On Weekends)

Like parents hire babysitters for taking care of their babies in their absence, many car owners hire cuidacarro to look after their vehicle. A feature common in Costa Rica, people are hired by luxury car owners with the sole purpose to keep an eye on the car and ensure it does not get stolen (unless the Savior himself has taken a fancy to it). That’s absurd, but it exists!

#8. Official Pusher

(Image Courtesy: Japan Info)

Do you know Japan hires people as official pushers whose fundamental duty is to push people inside the overcrowded trains and metro so that people reach their office in time? That’s hard to believe, but it is true! Probably that’s why people in Japan are always punctual.

#9. Furniture Tester

(Image Courtesy: Bored Mind)

Do you like to lie around on your sofa or your bed? Then, check this out! Many furniture companies are hiring furniture tester as a part of their final evaluation board to test the furniture regarding comfort. The tester’s job is to report discomfort or flaws in the furniture that must be repaired before putting it out for sale.

#10. Bicycle Fishers

(Image Courtesy: Amusing Planet)

All those who love fishing and want to pursue it as a career, this is the golden opportunity for you! Amsterdam, being the most bicycle-friendly capital of the world, hires bicycle fishers. As the name suggests, the job of the fishers is to fish out bikes from Amsterdam’s waterways. 

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