Ways to deal with postpartum depression.

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Ways to deal with postpartum depression.

Having a baby is stressful. There are a lot of new responsibilities and sleep deprivation.

Mild depression or mood swings are common in new mothers. It is caused due to the sudden change in hormones. You might feel more tearful and sad after delivery. Some may even get suicidal thoughts. Some new mothers may even get thoughts of killing the baby. Such feelings will be more, when new mothers lack emotional support, have the financial crisis or if they are in an abusive relationship.

Depressed mothers, may be loving towards their babies sometimes but at other times they may not respond to the baby. This will disrupt emotional bonding between the baby and the mother.

Symptoms of depression in new mothers are a loss of interest in any activity, social withdrawal, fatigue, poor eating and sleeping, crying all the time etc.

Tips for new mothers to cope up with their mood blues:

Do not keep your feelings to yourself. Share the good and ugly experiences with at least one person. It may be your family or a good friend.

Meet new moms and listen to them. Be supportive to them.

Skip some of your household chores. Make your baby a first priority. Bond with your baby, by playing with him and feeding him.

Exercising is an effective medication for treating depression. No need, to overdo exercise. Exercising thirty minutes per day will work.

Have a good sleep. Poor sleep will worsen the condition. You can take help from your husband or any family member.  Get small naps daily. Talk with your husband and do teamwork. Talking helps as he is a new father too. Husbands should be patient towards their wives. They should cuddle their wife and be helpful to them.

Get a good massage and pamper yourself. Massages help you relax. You can use relaxing essential Oils with any carrier oil for massage. Lavender essential Oil is also good.

Eat a nutritious meal. If you are depressed, it will have a bad effect on the quality of your breast milk.

If you are feeling depressed, anxious and getting mood blues, the very first thing to do is consult a doctor. He may give you some antidepressants or hormone therapy.

Get some sunshine, at least for 10 minutes per day.

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