What is Clean eating?

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What is Clean eating?

Latest fad among the people who are health conscious in present times is ‘Clean eating.' But, ‘what is clean eating?’ It is a term that emphasizes on food which is healthy, whole and unprocessed. The principles of the plan are not new like the term.

You might or might not have heard of the term but you surely don’t hold an idea on how to a clean eating diet. It is just about bingeing on innumerable healthy options in all the food groups and preventing yourself from munching on less healthy snacks. You need to learn to cut down on additives, unhealthy fats and so on.

So, Let Us Look At Some Of The Vital Principles Of Clean Eating:

#1.  Select Natural Foods And Eradicate Processed Foods

Do you know what processed foods mean? Anything found in boxes, cans, or packages are known as processed foods though there are some exceptions such as a bag of healthy beans green in color. Most of your foods should be garden fresh.

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#2.  Select Unrefined and Not Refined
It is not possible to binge on unrefined foods at all times but you can surely increase your diet of whole grains such as the brown rice, millet, and quinoa. Other important foods involve beans and legumes. Also, you can take sugars which are clean such as maple syrup, honey and more.

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#3.  Incorporate Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrate In Each Meal Of The Day
Many of us are seen doing splendid on fats and carbohydrates but we just fall short on proteins somehow particularly in the early part of the day such as breakfast or lunch. Do you know how proteins are useful? They help in preventing you from eating more than the required amount and are vital for building muscles. If it is binged on the whole day, it gives us a feeling of fullness in the stomach.

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#4. Keep An Eye For Salt, Sugar, And Fat
This is way easier than you can think if you axe down on processed foods that are accountable for extra calories and fat, salt and sugar in high levels.  You must know that foods which are clean are generally are way too low on these ingredients.

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(Image Courtesy: Spenard Farmers Market)

#5.  Plan Five To Six Meals Every Day

This means two light meals and two big meals. If you try to follow this plan, it prevents you from overeating, and you won’t feel the need to skip your meals as well. Also, you must know that it keeps the level of your sugar sturdy, so you don’t feel out of energy during any time of the day.

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#6. Say No To High Calories Drinks

Drinks such as soft drinks of coffee have a huge number of calories which can help in increasing weight and can also lead to multiple other problems. You know what should be your first choice when you feel thirsty? Water. Other drinks which you can still think of drinking are low-fat milk, fruit juice or unsweetened tea.

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(Image Courtesy: Eat This Not That)

#7. Keep Moving

Do you know physical activity on a regular basis is important for the body? It helps in diminishing fat and helps in building and strengthening muscles. It also helps in burning more energy and apart from that, it tends to keep your heart, bones strong, healthy and fit.

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#8. Portion Size Matters Greatly

You must know it is all about quantity over quality. If you decrease your quantity of food, just see the magic of your health getting improved gradually. If you eat bigger portions, no doubt you would fall sick sooner or later.

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Hope you liked the article! In case you faced any doubts while reading the article, let us know by commenting in the box below.

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