21 Dishes From Around The World That Can Make You A Globe Trotter

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21 Dishes From Around The World That Can Make You A Globe Trotter

What is life without food! From steaks, stews, and seafood to dim sum and more, every country has its own way to prepare dishes. Probably that’s why the world is rich in cuisines, and every cuisine has a signature dish that cannot be missed at all.

As a delight to all food lovers, here are some finger-licking good dishes from all across the globe that one must try to learn more about the flavors of the world:

#1. Cevapcici – Bosnia

(Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor)

Are you a fan of minced meat? Try this grilled dish of minced meat and experience a different feeling altogether. Bosnia’s signature dish, Cavapcici is served in the form of sausages with pocket bread in the Balkan region of Europe. 

#2. Bun Bo Nam Bo –Vietnam

(Image Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons)

Made with fresh veggies, fried onion, bean sprouts and topped with roasted peanuts, the beef dish is a treat for food fanatics. One bite is all it needs, and you’ll get addicted to the flavor of peanut, which is one of the main ingredients. 

#3. Tarta de Almendra (Almond Cake) – Spain

(Image Courtesy: Gluten Free Shops)

What’s a cup of coffee without a nice slice of cake, especially if the cake is a specialty of Spain? This nutty treat is a delight for people who have a sweet tooth. The nicely blended cake is rich in vanilla and lemon zest and is served best in Santiago de Compostela.

#4. Kangaroo Loin- Australia

(Image Courtesy: Boomerang)

While many may hesitate to relish this, Kangaroo Loin is a common meat served in Australia. Marinated with peppercorns and thyme, the dish is best served with sweet potatoes and pineapple toppings. If you have the heart to eat Kangaroo meat, then you must try the recipe.

#5. Irish Beef Stew – Ireland 

(Image Courtesy: Simple Recipes)

Marinated with herbs and seasoning, the stew is a perfect blend of veggies, cooked with meatloaf in the form of broth to give a delicate flavor to the dish. The beauty of the recipe is that the spices can be altered according to the taste of the person. 

#6. Hakarl – Iceland 

(Image Courtesy: Thrillist)

Have you tried eating a shark? One of Iceland’s signature dishes is Hakarl. In layman term, it’s a meal prepared with the fermented shark as the main ingredient. If you are a foodie and are game to try new things, this may be a good catch. However, here’s a little warning, not many have an appetite to digest this. 

#7. Pho Ga- Vietnam 

(Image Courtesy: Regevelya) 

While Tom Yum, Clear Vegetable, and Green Coriander dominate the range of soups tried worldwide, Vietnam offers a particular kind of soup loaded with noodles, cream, and vegetables. If you love having soup, try this. It will blow your mind away for its flavor! 

#8. Mexican huarache –Mexico 

(Image Courtesy: Vix)

Mexico is famous for its use of spices and sauces in its food. So if you are the kind of person who enjoys saucy meats, this dish is the ultimate one for you!  

#9. Hamburgers – New York 

(Image Courtesy: Fanpop)

While hamburgers are the most common dish available in the world, did you know the best burgers are served in New York? Next time you visit the city, try their Bacon cheeseburger. 

#10. Macaroons- Paris

(Image Courtesy: Pixabay)

What’s a meal without something sweet to munch in the end? Thank god there are macaroons. Although many confuse it with a biscuit, however, the texture of the macaroon is so soft that it’s not difficult to differentiate. The crumbly texture of the macaroon along with the jam sandwiched between the covers serves as a perfect dish for those who love sweets.

#11. Classic Kaoya Peking Duck – Beijing 

(Image Courtesy: The Woks of Life)

If you are a fan of Duck meat, then this is a must try for you! The fresh red meat is so juicy that it will compel you to eat more. The tender meat is cooked with fine herbs, garnished with sauces and salt/pepper before it’s served with pita bread to allow you to enjoy your meal.  

#12. Dimsums – China 

(Image Courtesy: Dimsum Corner)

This list is incomplete without China’s specialty, Dimsums. The steamed dumplings are served stuffed with a variety of meats ranging from chicken, pork, and beef along with a spicy dip to complement the taste. Very low in fat, it’s a perfect meal for those who are on a spree to shed those extra kilos.  

#13. Pizza – Italy

(Image Courtesy: Taste of Italy)

While Pizza may be served in every country, but there’s nothing better than the one served in Italy. The dough used to prepare the crust of the pizza is so delicate and crisp, and the cheese used to add to the topping of the pizza is so thick and chewy that it melts into your mouth as soon as you take the first bite of the fast food. 

#14. Fasolada – Greece

(Image Courtesy: Blue Villas Collection)

A concoction of white beans, vegetables, and olive oil, the stew is a thick broth of soup served with fried potatoes, tomatoes, and some vegetables. For those who do not enjoy meats, this could be the dish for you to try! 

#15. Gallo Pinto – Costa Rico 

(Image Courtesy: Costa Rica cooking)

It’s a traditional Costa Rican breakfast meal made of Costa Rican beans and rice, served with scrambled eggs and small tortillas. If you are tired of the mundane English breakfast, this could be a welcome change. 

#16. Danish Smørrebrød –Denmark

(Image Courtesy: Serious Eats)

It’s often addressed as an open sandwich but does not resemble like one at all. Filled with fish fillet, sliced boiled potatoes, pickled beets, liver, sliced fish balls or pork, as its sandwich stuffings, the dish is one of the wonders of the world of food.

#17. Masala Dosa – India 

(Image Courtesy: NDTV)

India, known for its rich cuisines and flavors, is famous for Mysore’s masala dosa. Served with sambhar and coconut dip, the dish is a perfect choice for those who wish to eat light food at night.   

#18. Pad Thai – Thailand

(Image Courtesy: The Woks Of Life)

Thailand is famous for its Pad-Thai noodles. Unlike Chowmein, these noodles are parboiled and mixed with herbs, seasoning, lemon grass, basil and lots of boiled vegetables to give a spice flavor to the dish. Only those who have tried it, know the difference between Pad Thai and Chowmein. 

#19. Fajita – Mexico

(Image Courtesy: Serious Eats)

The hot sizzler is served with meats, cucumber, vegetables, sour cream, guacamole and salsa with a plate full of small pieces of tortilla. But there is an art of eating the dish. The chef serves the dish as a separate portion, and it’s the duty of the person eating the dish to prepare it by adding the pieces onto the tortilla before consumption. If you are a fan of sizzlers, this may be an ideal recipe for you! 

#20. Sushi- Japan

(Image Courtesy: Youtube)

For people who love fish, there’s nothing more exotic and tasty than Japan’s Sushi. Prepared with raw fish and rice, it’s the manner in which the chef cooks the fish with rice is so interesting that the flavor, many enjoy the manner in which it is prepared. 

#21. Massaman Curry – Thailand 

(Image Courtesy: AvacadoPesto)

Also considered as the king of curries, Thailand’s massaman curry is known for its rich flavor. Served with rice, the Thai curry is rich in lemon grass and basil. If you are a fan of curries, you have to taste it to believe it! 

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