What can you Eat on the Atkins Diet?

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What can you Eat on the Atkins Diet?

The Atkins diet is usually advised and recommended for weight loss. It contains very less amount of carbohydrate. As long as you avoid eating carbohydrates, you can lose weight even if you are eating proteins and fat in an amount of your choice. History is the proof that avoiding carbohydrates in your diet can make miracles for you in losing weight. It can also lead to many improvements in health issue.

Originally originated and promoted by physician Dr. Robert C. Atkins, he has written a book about the Diet in 1972. That book was a best seller. It unleashed a ‘Diet Revolution’ which became a popular weight-loss centered diet. It also helps in lowering your blood pressure, brain disorder, lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

The food in the diet is initially vegetables, proteins, and healthy saturated fat. Later you can consume whole grains as well. Earlier the diet was critiqued by a lot of mainstream health authorities and considered demonized and unhealthy. The diet contains a plenty amount of saturated fat. But later, studies proved that the fat which is saturated is harmless. Since the Atkins diet has been researched thoroughly and observed quite healthy, it is believed to be more fruitful in results than even low-fat diet. This diet despite being high in fat does not contain components of cholesterol. 

The main reason this diet is more effective as far as weight-loss is concerned is that when people intake few carbs and reduce it while eating proteins more, the appetite of that person goes down. Finally, they end up consuming fewer calories automatically. Without even realizing people can lose weight through following this diet.

4-Phase Plan of Atkins Diet

This diet is further divided into four different phase that ensures long lasting healthy lifestyle and lower level of disease. The four phase plan consists of these four stages:

#1. Induction (Phase 1): The diet starts with consuming under 20 grams of carbs per day. This process goes on for 2 weeks. During this time you should eat high protein and high-fat food. Low carb vegetables like leafy greens can also be added to your diet. This starts your weight loss process with a bang.

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#2. Balancing (Phase 2): After the phase of induction, you can slowly add more nuts in your diet. In fact, adding a few fruits and low carb vegetables are also advised. It will balance out the strict diet you followed for the initial 2 weeks.

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#3. Fine-tuning (Phase 3): After following the phase of induction and balancing properly, you will be relatively close to your goal of weight loss. At this stage, you can afford to add more carbs back into your diet so that the process gets a little slow. The rapid loss of weight loss can cause you negative effect, so make sure you add a little more amount of carbs in your diet at this stage.

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#4. Maintenance (Phase 4): Now as you have achieved your desired weight. You can add as many healthy carbs as you want in your diet. But in order to avoid regaining of weight, you should make sure to only include healthy carbs in your diet.

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The phases can seem a little complex but that is not true. If you can follow the steps and stick to your meal, you can achieve your desired results pretty soon. We hope this method and information was helpful in your lifestyle. Let us know your journey of weight-loss in the comment section below. Also, in case of any query feel free to reach out to us.

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